Friday, January 25, 2008

MLK St. George Trip

Hey, we got back on Tuesday from a lovely trip to "San Jorge" with Steven & Jennifer (Matt's brother's family). It was so much fun and awesome weather, so we felt very blessed that they would offer to share their holiday weekend with us! I think they are one of my all-time favorite traveling companions, they kinda go at our pace, you know? Jennifer is very well organized and even though they have 3 little (terribly cute) kids, she would always beat me to the car and generally be more put together than I am, which with 3 times the kids, is quite a feat. Jen & I talked all the way down & I feel like we are friends now, not just sisters-in-law, which I love, she is great! Plus she went to the gym with me, and that was nice to have someone to go with down there. We also both like baking a lot & we made the first installment of our monthly cake club. Martha Stewart had a "Year of Cakes" article to celebrate some anniversary of hers many moons ago, and I'm excited to get together every month & make something new & totally yummy. Matt & Steve golfed and we shopped a little bit, and we took the kids to the indoor pool, because, while it was nice for January, it wasn't quite time to brave the condo pool. Sawyer loved playing with her cousins, I'm just guessing that by the fact that "cousins?" was the first word out of her mouth each morning. It was good to see that life with 3 is doable, but I also learned that if it's going to be good, I'm going to have to stop coddling Sawyer like I do. I need to let her walk everywhere and feed and dress herself, because I think my being impatient and just doing it, is really not helping her learn. I've been trying to step back a bit since then and not "help" so much.

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