Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're going on a trip!

Yesterday we randomly decided that Sawyer & Grandma Susie & I would go to St. George today. I really want to get in some more sun & swimming before I resign myself to the fact that summer is actually over. Sawyer has spent every single second since being told that we were going on a trip, saying "I can't wait till we go to.... what's it called again? (it's called St. George, Sawyer) I can't wait till we go to St. George!" She packed her princess suitcase with all her most important things like Octopus, her little Book of Mormon and her pink blankie and puppies. She freaked out when I busted out our swimming suits. Even though we will miss Daddy on Halloween, he promised that as long as we took copious amounts of pictures, that it would be okay.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

not really sure what to do with these things....

I need some help here. I'll just come right out with it: in all my bra-wearing life I have never really found a good way to wash them without killing the copious amounts of padding that I seem to like to wear. Just throwing them in the wash certainly doesn't work, the straps get all tangled around the other clothes & make everything all bunched up, not to mention the lovely lumpiness that results. Hand washing? Are you kidding, Victoria? I don't know about you, but my secret is that I have zero time for crap like that. I did buy a "bra buddy" contraption from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I really liked it until it fell apart the fifth time I used it. So yeah... how often & how you ya'll "warsh" your brassieres?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Island Farms, my pictures

Hey, alright, at the insistence of Melissa (love you!) I will post some of my pictures from our excursion with the Kettles. They probably aren't really as bad as I think, at least not the ones that I took after Jessica adjusted my settings. First off, let me admit that I love calves. They are so sweet with the longest lashes ever and soft little pink noses. I took soooo many cow pictures. Is that weird? And here is what Jessica & I did all night. I love hanging out with her. Not only is she rad with an amazing sense of style and so kind & cool, but she also is endlessly patient with my photography questions and always willing to share her knowledge. Plus, she comes as a package deal with a darling little boy and Matt's new man-crush, Danny. I tease Matt so much about his "girlfriend Danny," but I secretly am just so grateful for his friendship. Matt is a great friend & has not had much luck with friends who seem to appreciate him. I love Danny & Matt's friendship. I also love Sawyer's relationship with him. They are so cute together.On the way out, we stopped & let Sawyer get her face painted. I have fond memories of having my face painted at the Utah Arts Festival one year, and wondered how on earth Sawyer would stay still long enough for it. I guess when she's excited about something, it is possible to focus on not wriggling that long. She never ceases to amaze me. Ya think she liked it?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Island Farms Corn Maze

uh..... you know what? I was going to post a few pictures from our trip to the corn maze, but then I looked at Jessica's post & threw up in my mouth when I thought about what my pictures looked like. Go here for adorable, well edited pictures and cute narration.

Cabin + Fall = Good Times

Ryan & Stacey invited us to share their cabin weekend, along with Stacey's sister Kim, her husband Ben & their cute little Liam. (we all missed you, Dru & Melissa!) We love hanging out with these people! Matt & Sawyer went up on Friday night, but I had a cake Saturday, so I had most of the weekend to myself which, frankly, was very nice. I'm kind of a loner, I really enjoy being by myself. I just like getting stuff done and not having anyone to worry about.... but only for a while. Plus I knew that Matt & Sawyer would have a great time together, so it was good all around. Friday night I finished up the cake while watching Friday night Stand-up on Comedy Network, one of my fave guilty pleasures when I'm alone on a Friday. Then Saturday I cleaned the house, worked out, shopped a bit, got a massage & delivered my cake. Lovely day. The cabin trip was great, Lando, the great white dog, wore Charlie thoroughly out with his puppiness, she's still sleeping it off. Matt made a classic Wal-Mart purchase; a bee bee gun, and had a great time shooting cans and stuff, while I read and read. It is so beautiful up there during the fall. I love it! Oh, and no trip to the cabin would be complete without a game of frisbee-golf! Please forgive the nose-picking picture, I think it's hilarious & I love her little Eskimo hood.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

it's soooo quiet here....

Sawyer is at a playdate, her first official one that has no ulterior motive of babysitting. I have things I should be doing, but I really am just missing her little giggles & tugs on my jeans. She is my buddy. But now she has buddies of her own, I guess. Very strange. Okay, what shall I do with these free hours? I need to:
-make a batch of caramel buttercream
-make a batch of vanilla & raspberry moistening syup
-make a batch of chocolate glaze (can you tell I have a cake coming up?)
-clean my car out
-somehow figure out how to wash my feather bed because Sawyer had an accident on it a few weeks ago & it has been stinking up my laundry room since then because I have no idea how to go about cleaning something that large (any suggestions?)
-prep my garden for winter
-load YW pictures onto a jumpdrive for Wendy
-clean up doggy doodoo
-figure out what cabinets & flooring we need for the basement from Ikea
-study scriptures
alright, the first shall be last & the last shall be first, right?
I think I'll start with the scriptures. Thanks for helping me sort that out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things vol. I

Sawyer is just entering that stage where you need to write down every single thing that comes out of her mouth because it's just too funny! I love her observations on life & especially her sassiness. I'm sure I'll hate it when she's 13, but right now I love seeing her little personality develop. I honestly can't say that I understand "baby-people". You know, the ones who want their infants to just stop growing, they want to savor every baby thing. I have never been that way, I love seeing Sawyer learn & grow & half the time I just sit back & let her figure things out herself because I simply want to see how she figures things out. She's really so smart, I'm not even biased at all. Baby-people are crazy anyway, those first six months are pretty much my own personal hell, what with all the sleep-deprivation. Hopefully I'll be better about it the next time around.
Anyway, this week she has come up with some zingers, and since I have that whole tapeworm problem, I can't remember but two of them.
1) On Wednesday I was trying to get Sawyer to climb up into the car and she was trying to set the world's record for Most Effective Dawdling by a Two (almost three) Year Old. Anyway, I won't say I didn't have a "tone" when I said "come on Sawyer, please climb up into the car!" To which she replied "okaaay, Mom! Don't freak out!" Seriously. I laughed sooooo hard! I think she learned that phrase from her dad. It certainly wasn't me.
2) We are staying at Becky (Matt's sister) & Craig's this week to watch their kids while they are in Russia. Pretty much the greatest job ever, these kids are all so cool & are so kind to Sawyer. Anyway, we were all lounging on Becky & Craig's bed when Caroline asked Sawyer to go help her make some Orange Julius which, of course, she wanted to do. She crawled across Matt to get off the bed, who decided that she's just the perfect weight for some chest presses. She got all huffy about being delayed & said "DAD! I have no time for this!"
I cannot imagine a cooler kid. I just love her to pieces. As my good buddy Jill said on Monday, "she is just full of joy." Everything is so awesome to her. If I whisper anything to her, act like it's a big secret, no matter what I say, she'll squeal with delight! I love you, Boom-Boom!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

what else was I going to say?......

UPDATE 24 hours later & I still can't remember what it was I was going to say. That is certainly not for lack of trying. It has been driving me CRAAAAAZY!

OH OH OH WAIT!!! I just got it! I'm not even lying! I just thought I'd give it one more shot & there it is! k? You ready? Alright. So. The Twilight movie is coming out on November 21st, and there is going to be some big shebang at the 3 of the Megaplex Theaters, (fyi, the Gateway is NOT one of them.) for $45 you can go to this big "red carpet premier"
Twilight "Prom" party and see the midnight screening. There will be all sorts of frivolity and I'm certain that it will entail an obscene number of insane teenage girls, but would anyone be down for that? I put myself and 5 others on the list just in case, but then I realized that it was the night before my first cake competition (more info on that later.) So yeah, I dunno. Let me know if you're interested though! And go to for more info

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Couch, I love you, please come home with me. Love, Celeste

Took a little trip to Downeast Outfitters tonight, where Matt & I simultaneously fell in love with the Mammoth Sofa from Z Gallerie. It retails for $1499.99, but it is at Downeast for $839.99, and is in grrrrrreat shape. We thought we wanted a leather sectional, but this couch is just too cool and would be great for making out. (Don't worry, we'll get rid of it before Sawyer is up to any of that junk.)This picture doesn't do it justice. It's so stinking deep and when you see it you will want nothing more than to nap on it. And it WANTS you to nap on it. It says "no, don't get up. Please stay in my plush comfy arms forever. Please?" And you have to say "okay couch, just for ten more minutes. I love you, couch."

moving on

It's in a lovely buttery yellow/beige micro suede and is literally as wide as a twin bed, and long enough that Matt, at 6' 2" can lay on with without touching the armrests at all. Let's just say it is very aptly named.

And I am going to secretly buy this chair with my cake money.
Matt would never approve, but I LOVALOVALOVA it. (wipe drool from chin.) Love it. Of course it's like as much money as I make doing cakes annually, but whatever, right? It's potterybarnarific.
I have decided that decorating sucks. I like love shopping for these things, but, like my dad says, (and Matt has now started saying,) I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Matt brought home a bunch of carpet samples tonight. Most frustrating thing ever! I want the basement to be nice, but it's really just kind of a starter home and so we don't want it to be too nice, but technically we could be here for a while, so I don't want to pick crappy stuff..... grrrrrr. There has to be a happy medium in there somewhere. I think if Matt had his way he'd turn the whole thing into a putting green; maybe a little mini golf course for he & Sawyer to play with. Lovely.
Here are two lovely things I learned today though:
1) THERE IS A MAC COUNTER IN MACY'S IN THE LAYTON HILLS MALL!!!!! Were you aware of that? No more going to South Salt Lake for Studio Fix or Strobe Cream anymore! Holy crap, do you know what that means? That there is the end of spare money as I know it!
2)..... uh..... I totally forgot what I was going to say. I have serious memory problems. I thought pregnancy was bad, but lately I have been dumber than EVER! I forget huge chunks of information for no reason at all, like a half a second after I was just thinking about them in depth. Matt & I will have lengthy discussions about something, make a decision on it and ten minutes later I have no idea what we decided. I think he is going to put me in a home. I honestly am pretty worried about it. I think I have a tapeworm in my brain. He eats pieces out of my cerebral cortex and ooops, there goes my memory of my thirteenth birthday. I wish he would just relocate himself to my intestine like a good tapeworm.
I still can't think of what else I was going to say.
This sucks, I'm going to bed.