Sunday, July 15, 2007

family day

Yesterday was so much fun! I went to the gym earlyish and then we took Sawyer up to Grandma Susie's to swim. Sawyer was using a bucket and dumping water out of the kiddie pool onto the edge of the pool, and having a lovely time until she leaned over too far and fell into the pool. I was nearby on the grass laying out, and I think I probably set a new long jump record to get her out. She was fine of course, hardly even startled, but it scared the begebees out of me! Nobody wants to see their child floating face down in the water, not even for a split second. We had a nice lunch at Susie's then everyone settled down for naps. Then while Matt went golfing I took Sawyer, Caroline and her friend to see Ratatouille at the Gateway. Sawyer LOVED it! She hasn't ever stayed that focused in a theater, which probably isn't a good thing at her age. It was really fun though. Today we had Susie over for dinner, I got some recipes for Cafe Rio stuff, and it turned out really yummy. So, yeah, a good weekend. Rossi & I get to go to the Incubus concert on Tuesday, and that's my main excitement this week. Kinda nice not to blog all dramatic-like like I have lately.

Friday, July 13, 2007

distractions, distractions, distrations

Holy cow, just when you start to figure something really great out, all hell breaks loose to keep you from it. I have felt so much opposition and confusion about EVERYTHING right now, it is driving me crazy. I recently have started to develop some very good, important habits that will help me be a better mother, wife and person in general, things that are tiny little tweaks to what I normally do, but seem to make such a huge difference in my attitude throughout the day, and it just feels like Satan knows what an effect these things will have on me & my family and he is throwing everything in the book at me to get me distracted or off on another tangent! It's such a joke! I spent yesterday doing just fine, got up, worked out, did my studying and thankfulness time, had a lovely visit with Caroline, Matt's niece who had stayed over to babysit while Matt & I went to the dry pack on Wednesday night, and then we went to run some errands on the way to take Caroline home. I figured I'd go buy Becky, Matt's sister a birthday present, so we stopped at Barnes and Nobel to get Twilight, this vampire book that my friends cannot shut up about. Anyway, I was also looking for this book I heard about on the Morning Show about helping your daughter avoid body image issues and eating disorders, which they didn't have in stock, but I got distracted by a book called "Skinny Bi---" which at the time seemed to be a kind of smart diet book. Turns out it is a vegan bible riddled with all sorts of other foul language while it tells you of the evils of eating meat, non-organic produce and the FDA. I read over 100 pages of it while Sawyer was napping, it was absolutely riveting because it was so dramatically written, telling of the inhumane ways animals are slaughtered and the disgusting additives and preservatives that go into our foods, and what they do to our bodies. I do not know how much of it is true. It is very confusing and nauseating. By the time Matt came home I was worked into such a frenzy I had already ordered a vegetarian "starter kit" from PETA's website. If you know Matt you will be having a bit of a chuckle right now. He really, reallllly hates PETA, veganism and "all those hippie animal rights type people." I went to to see what the church had to say about it, and of course it just talked about moderation in all things, but I still really feel strongly about changing our diets to be much more focused on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and legumes and really, REALLY cutting back on meat. Anyway, the moral of the story is that I am having a hard time focusing on what is really important, and that was really solidified to me today while I was reading scriptures and praying, and that is having the Spirit in our home. And I believe it's my responsibility primarily. The things I say, do, listen to, read, watch, buy, put up with or tolerate will all either positively or negatively affect the ability of the Holy Ghost to dwell in our home & in our hearts. That's the bottom line. All this other crap will not make a difference in any one's eternal salvation. So yeah, tweak our families diet a bit, great, but going all extreme is not going to do anything but shift my focus from what is important. Anyway, after that great peace I felt today, not ten minutes later I hear someone on my front porch & Charlie starts barking, which is very annoying when Sawyer is sleeping, so I go out to look and, someone has put a pamphlet on our door knob. I don't want your crap! This is a trigger for me for some reason, I got really mad & threw it in our garbage can outside. Five minutes later I hear it again and storm out there and tell off the poor little 15 year old kid running around doing someones dirty work. There goes the Spirit. See ya later. I was seriously soooo mad, it was totally embarrassing, I keep looking outside to see if they pass by again so I can apologize. So I had a little breakdown and called Matt & vented which always helps, and then turned on the movie "Finding Faith in Christ" which really calmed me down. You know the part where the woman is taken in adultery and he says "Woman, where are thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?" and she says "no man, Lord." Jesus says back to her "Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more." That 's the thing to remember: He isn't sitting there holding things over our heads, so why should we? Once we repent and make the commitment to do better, just go ahead and do better, don't waste your energy hating yourself for stuff that's in the past! Very good lesson for me today. Moving on.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fun things Sawyer is doing lately

Here's a few little Sawyer-isms as of late, stories I can't help but tell people because, I'm sorry, but she's just so stinkin' cute!
- while I was at enrichment last night, Matt said she pulled all three of her little kid sized chairs out into the front room around the coffee table and then brought out Pooh Bear, Elmo and her enflatable Lion and put them in the chairs. She went around and folded all of their arms and said "prayers" before they "ate". She's such a little silly goose.
- as sacrament meeting is winding down each week, she starts saying "bubbles?" meaning she's ready to go to nursery, then she pulls me down the hall and up the stairs to nursery. Once she gets settled with a toy, she turns to me and waves bye-bye.
- we went up to the outlets at Park City yesterday, BCBG was having a HUGE sale, oh my goodness, I loved it. Anyway, she loved trying on all the beautiful heels and picking out a different purse every few minutes. The sales people were eating out of her hand. She found all these bikini tops and put them around her neck, and would strut around like she was so grown up! It was hilarious!
- monday night when we were having scriptures with her little picture scriptures, she grabbed her teddy bear and held him on her lap and would repeat what we were saying to her, to her bear. She would point at the picture and then look at the bear and go "Jesus." It was so sweet. Her little soul is so sweet and open to the gospel, she just seems to want to pray and understands somehow that this is very important. She must be able to feel the Spirit at this point already. I LOVE IT!

Monday, July 2, 2007

things about me

Kirsten this is for you, it's lame though because you probably know all these answers

4 Jobs I've held:
1. bagel girl
2. shipping supervisor
3. various accounting jobs
4. cake designer/baker/mom
Movies I Can Watch Over & Over:
1. Anchorman
2. Bandits
3. Ocean's anything
4. Lady Hawk
Places I Have Lived:
1. West Bountiful, UT
2. Centerville, UT
3. Bountiful, Utah
4. Midvale, UT(all very exciting I know)
5. Layton, UT
T.V. Shows I Enjoy
1. Prison Break
2. The Office
3. Gilmore Girls reruns (I'm still in mouring about the fact that it's not on anymore)
4. What Not To Wear
Places I have Been on Vacation:
1. The Bahamas
2. Hawaii
3. Mexico
4. France
Favorite Foods
1. Ice Cream
2. Crab
3. Sweet Pork Salad from Costa Vida
4. Miso Salmon from Z Tejas
Websites I visit (almost daily)
1. Hotmail
2. Favorite blogs
3. travel planning places depending on what in next on the docet
4. Brad's Deals
Places I'd Rather Be right now
1. on the beach in Maui
2. at the gym
3. laying out at a pool somewhere
4. at matt's softball game

Thanks Kirsten, that was fun.

yeah for IKEA!

How cute is my girl with her new table and chairs and tea set?
She LOVES it.

I want an f-ing car!

(sorry for the pseudo-profanity if you don't know that reference.)
So, for Matt's birthday/father's day gift, I arranged a trip to Denver to see John Mayer in concert at Red Rocks, a Colorado Rockies game and plenty of golfing. I got a super cheap fare, and things just escalated, and we were really excited to have a quick getaway with just us. Plus, I love golfing with Matt & we haven't been able to do it since we had Sawyer. When I was pregnant we used to go quite often, I'd drive the cart and we'd just talk and enjoy the beautiful course. Anyway, we had checked in online, and weren't in a big rush to get to the airport, so we went to the gateway and ran some errands on the way. We left the Cruiser in long term parking and took the shuttle over to the terminal and things were fine, our flight left in a little over a half hour and all we had to do was check our bags in and wander up to the gate... plenty of time, right? There weren't any lines, and the lady that we tried to check our bags in with told us we had to go to the check in kiosks first. Okay, whatever, never mind the fact that we checked in online and printed out our boarding passes. However, the kiosk took it's sweet time and in the end told us that it couldn't help us, that we had to go back to the original lady. By the time we got to her again, she told us that it was now 7:18, and we had missed the baggage check-in deadline by three minutes. Never mind the fact that she had just send us on a wild goose chase back at the freaking kiosk, all bags must be checked in no later than a half hour before departure. They would not help us at all. What a freaking joke. Matt went into panic attack mode. Basically that means that he cannot see anything other than the big honkin' peice of sky that he believes is falling directly and without delay upon his head. Amazingly it only lasted a few minutes, he suddenly decided that this was okay, that we weren't for some reason supposed to make that flight, and we figured out what else to do. Since Delta wouldn't let us use the return flight either (what a freaking joke they are, by the way), we decided that rather than pay the billion dollars in gas it would cost to drive my land cruiser, to just rent a car and drive that whole night. has amazing customer service, and a very nice lady switched our rental car around, called our hotel to hold our reservation and didn't charge us any sort of cancellation or penalty or anything. I love Boo Delta, yeah Expedia.
What a gift missing that flight turned out to be. I wanted that trip to be this nice romantic easy weekend, but Heavenly Father had a different plan. He knew we needed to have a hard, bonding experience, on that showed us again why we work so well together and how great a team we are. We talked that entire drive, arrived at like 4am, and had so much stinkin' fun together. It was crazy and stressful and hard and I loved every second of it. It was like one thing after another, first the Delta debaucle, then we got lost, then I knocked Matt's teeth out, then I yelled at little boys in the hallway at the hotel, then we got a contact high at the concert, blah, blah, blah. It was hilarious. On the way home, we got kind of sad thinking that we would be home soon and our adventure would no doubt end. Our daily life would probably not be so chaotic. And we have missed it. Don't get me wrong, life is crazy, but that was nuts. I think that the thing that made this amazing experience really stand out for me though was on Monday evening when Matt came home from work and gave me a big hug and said, "I missed you today." I missed him too, and that feeling was worth all that drama and more.