Friday, April 30, 2010

I have a Target problem.

A while ago I posted about my Target problem, and since then things have decidedly NOT improved. Today I went in for a $4 prescription for this disgusting thing (mental note to me: QUIT PICKING AT ZITS, IN-GROWNS & HANG-NAILS!!!!)and came out $97.45 later. I was just proud that it was under a hundy. Barely.
But guess what? They have Breyer's ice cream quarts for like $2.67, a great price on it's own, but if you buy five, you get a $5 gift card!
So now I'm off to have my pre-dinner ice cream. Oh, don't worry, there will be post-dinner ice cream as well. You don't get to be 200£ plus without pre & post dinner ice cream.Everyone swore I'd dropped this week. It felt like I'd dropped this week. Kinda looks like it to me, but Doctor Wood says not so much & I'm still chillin' at 2 1/2 centimeters. Dude is in there to stay. My bad for having a cozy womb & a huge torso. They don't call me Thorax for nothing.

can you tell I'm bored? Two posts in one day?

oh no! what if he doesn't come soon?

So in waiting for this baby to pop out (zero progress btw) I just realized that if he goes over by a few days I won't have any excuse to ignore Matt's birthday like I was planning to. Abram is due on the 8th and my darling husband's birthday is the 11th. Normally I spend months & months planning all sorts of secretive plans; I like to do his birthday fairly big & pride myself in being a "good-gifter". This year I just assumed that I'd be in a new-baby stupor & told Matt that he could plan on me ignoring his birthday. But after our visit with the doctor today, I doubt that will be the case.
We agreed that his Memorial Day golf trip to Seattle would suffice for birthday love this year, but I can't just ignore it if I'm still "with child" when the actual day rolls around!
So I'm looking for ideas, just quick cheap fun things that would help him know how lucky I am to have him in my life. You know.... stuff that a 9 month preggers woman could pull off. Help a chic out here, please!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few things of note...

#1- Loreli Gilmore/Sarah Braverman/Lauren Graham

I love you. I'm so beyond happy to have you back in my life. You are like comfort food for my brain. And your new show makes me feel like life is completely do-able. I LOVE it. And I want your hair.
#2- the TingTings. Freaking awesome. Whole album.
#3- Lee Dewyze. I called it last year with (the yummy) Kris Allen, and I'm calling it again. Lee is going to be the winner. I called it on facebook in the 3rd week. I freaking love him. And no, Casey James is NOT attractive. I just have to say that everywhere I can because my husband's work wife & I are in a fight about it.
#4- girls. Girls need girls. I don't care how old you are, how busy you are, how wonderful your kids and/or husband are, you NEED girlfriends. Last night I was able to go out with Kierstin, Laura, Stacey & Kirsten, and I feel like a brand new person after eating fantastic food & laughing my brains out. And you know how sometimes when you mix groups of friends it doesn't always go well? Not so last night. I had only met Stacey last night & I pretty much want to keep her in my pocket. It was so much fun.
#5- my daughter is cool. She let's me nap everyday. She makes me smile all the time. She gives great butterfly kisses. She shares like a pro. She understands things that I would never expect her to. She is ridiculously patient & forgiving. She's got a lust for life that'd give Iggy Pop a run for his money.
#6- I think I'm about done with the gym. I've only been going about 2-3 times a week for the last few weeks, but since it takes me 3 days of bed rest to recover, and the fact that my groin feels like it's going to shatter any second, I think it's about time to put the ol' membership on hold. Sad.
#7- 10 days out from my due date & I've pretty much about had it. Bring it on.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wow. Just wow.

I just saw a little ad online for the morning after pill. First off, it was on a healthy pregnancy/natural childbirth site. Maybe not their key demographic. Second off, the ad included a website address that went a little something like this:
You didn't expect to drop trou & engage in the pretense of an intimate relationship with someone that you would NOT like to be tied to for the rest of your natural life?
You "accidentally" had sex & now would like to NOT deal with the possible consequences of your rather grown-up actions?
Give me a break.

ever so small print- rape is a whole other ballgame, I'm not going there with this rant.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proud mama moment

I don't consider this much of a "mama-blog", I'm too self-involved & need a place to vent, so that's what this is. But I need to do a better job of recording the fun, silly and/or amazing things my daughter does & says, and since I'm not digital scrapbooking right now, I think I'll start putting more things like that here.
With that said...
Today I was in the shower when Sawyer came in.
"momma guess what I just did!"
(oh crap, I'm thinking, I've left her pretty unsupervised over the last hour...)
"what sweetheart?"
"I just said my own prayers all by my lone!"
(she's been very resistant to saying prayers lately)
"oh yeah? How does that make your heart feel when you talk to Heavenly Father?"
"so, so, so, so, so, so, nice & good! And I asked for daddy & me to be safe while we swim today! And we will be!"
Yup, that's what my kid does while she's unsupervised for a while.
That and empty out her crayon bank alllll over her room.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How can I resist these abs?

Anybody know anybody who has a pair of those "toning" shoes? Do they work? Like at all? I want those abs, and although I know damn well that those abs have never born children & that to even come close would require a diet more strict than I am willing to even attempt, advertising is powerful & I'm thisclose to dropping the hundie on these freaking gimmicky shoes.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm abusing this shirt

Can you hear this poor shirt screaming for mercy??

"help! Help! I'm not even maternity! I'm not supposed to be stretched like this!"

And I still have three weeks left. Wowza. And the jury is hung on whether lots of spazzy baby activity means that
A) he's a super-spaz & wants out STAT or
B) if he's got enough room to move around that much, then he might be in there for the long haul.
What do you think?
'cuz I'm just about done. D.U.N. Stick a fork in me. Between the carpal tunnel, the fat, swollen man-hands & hobbit-feet, the aching hips, the lung capacity of a field mouse, and the fact that it takes me three days to recouperate from a half hour workout. Let's just say that I'm ready to meet this little dude.
We are so excited. I think Sawyer more than anyone.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Abram's Nursery

I finally finished it! And I gotta tell ya, you all were soooo right in telling me to paint the furniture black. It looks rad. (If only I had asked for your advise about coloring my hair!) And thank the good Lord up in Heaven that my friend Jenni offered to let me borrow her paint sprayer. Painting sucks, but not so much with a proper sprayer.
Actually I haven't hung the stuff up on the walls, so I guess it's not completely done.... but frankly I'm exhausted & too excited to show how it turned out.
Here is a shot of the majority of the room.This is the blanket that started it all. I saw this on etsy, bought it & asked the girl where she got the fabric thinking I should make a few other things for him, then saw that there were coordinating yet not too matchy-matchy fabrics that went along with it (the fans & bubbles) and went crazy from there. Sometimes I forget I can sew because I hardly ever do it, but apparently I can. Yay me. Anyway the super soft cream fabric on the back of that blanket pretty much exactly goes with the rug that I found at Lowe's last night & yes, I about flipped a lid when I found it because I thought I was going to have to shear a sheep & learn to weave in order to find what I wanted in a rug.
This'll be our little nursing corner, awesome chair, boppy, soft lighting, place to put a book or two. Heaven. I'm actually getting so excited to have a needy little thing that keeps me up at night. Really.

This is my "bump" (ewwww I hate double HATE that term) with the dresser & mirror. (please don't mind the fact that my pajamas in no way, shape or form go together. I have officially given up on trying to be cute.) Oh, also please note the "message in a bottle" bottle on the dresser. I was given the most amazing, asthetically pleasing baby shower of all time. Jessica you are a goddess. I want to be like you when I grow up. The fact that I have zero pictures from the shower attest to the fact that I had the greatest time ever. It was just what I needed to have so many amazing women that I love so much all in the same room at the same time. (eating amazing food & giving me amazing gifts doesn't hurt either.) These are the cute little wooden letters that I modge-podged the fishy fabric onto. They'll go on the changing table/crib wall. This is the freaking darling pinwheel mobile my awesome sister-in-law Jen made. I love it, and if you're having a baby anytime soon, you'll prolly be getting one, so be thinking of what colors you'd like yours in.
Anyway, I love how it's looking. I'm also debating making a valance or window treatment of some kind, cuz that window is very blah. However that is pretty much a mystery area of home decor to me. Suggestions?
So excited to meet our little dude!!!
Only 4 weeks 6 days! (according to the due date that I'm not supposed to be paying any attention to)

Jozet & Haydn's Wedding

Once upon a time a beautiful princess (widow with seven awesome kids) met a handsome (really, he is. Just not so much in these pictures) prince. They had known each other 20 years ago when he worked at her castle (sports & preforming arts school she & her husband ran). Since then a lot had happened. He was in the kingdom (for his niece's wedding) and thought he would go see how they were doing. He first stopped at the princess's .......
wait, this fairy tale format is getting waaay tedious.
here's the deal:
My second oldest sister is bad. Seriously. She's gorgeous, funny & like the most righteous (yet down to earth) woman you'll ever meet. Eight years ago her also amazing husband passed away, leaving her with 6 strapping lads & one beautiful daughter to raise. Yes, seven kids. I know, right?
Well, when Lance was alive, 20 years ago, they had this dance/sports training school & there was this guy, Haydn that was their karate teacher and one of Lance's very good friends. He is originally from South Africa, and has the coolest accent. The dude is like 100% charisma & humility & awesomeness. Anyway, they hadn't stayed in touch, he was off living in Australia, or Hawaii or Florida just doing his thing after their school closed. So a few weeks ago he was back in Idaho for his niece's wedding & thought he'd stop in on Lance's parents (who he had lived with for a while). He finds out that Lance has since passed away & they encouraged him to go see Jozet & the kids. So they all go to dinner that night & catch up. Two weeks later they're engaged. Three weeks later they're married. Today they are in South Africa on their honeymoon. I pretty much just sucked the romance right out of the story by telling it so matter of factually like that, but it's been awesome to see it all unfold for her. So awesome to see how Heavenly Father takes care of those who do their very best to be obedient & to listen to & follow the spirit. Jozet is a phenomenal person, and I'm quickly coming to realize that Haydn is as well & I'm so freaking excited to see their life together. And I get to!!! They're moving to Provo this summer & I CAN.NOT. wait to have another of my sisters closer than a 3 hour drive.