Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't know why I'm posting this.

actually, yeah, it's for Melissa & my parents who requested it.

It was fun though, but I don't really see myself with a future in television. I felt like Ricky Bobby from Talledega Nights the whole time. Bless Will Ferrell's heart, I love him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hey, if nearly every single second of your life was on film, you'd have some bloopers too!

The news might be a little more boring & biased now. If that's possible.

alright! alright! I'll go!

k, so I just booked my Taiwan trip, thanks for slapping me upside the head with your comments. Just a quick note to say that I will be on Studio 5 tomorrow at 11 am. My good buddy Jessica, amazing photographer that she is, has asked me to assist her with her segment on taking a good picture. So yeah, that pretty much guarantees that I will look like a total obese slob and have a zit or two and a bad hair day, so tune in, if for nothing else than the sheer entertainment value. (oh, and the fact that Miss Jessica is freaking amazing and will have all sorts of lovely tips.)

yo dukie

call me easily entertained, but this is still freaking funny to me. I 'specially love when the Boy Wonder stands there waving with both hands! ha ha!
Something on American Idol tonight reminded Matt & I of it & I just thought I would share.

Monday, January 26, 2009

indecisive is my middle name. No, wait, it's on-the-fence. No, it's vacillating.

oh I don't know. A while back my darling parents sent out an email to their children wondering if perhaps anyone would be interested in visiting them on their mission before they come home. Now we all know I love to travel, so I checked it out. I threw up a little when I thought about a 13 hour flight in coach; then threw up a little more when I saw the prices for first class. That's about as far as it went. Until Saturday night. Matt was singing a little bit of "She's Like The Wind" to me as we drifted off to sleep, and I mentioned that it was really the beautiful, multi-talented, tragically cancerous Patrick Swayze who sang that delightful number on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. He didn't believe me, so we made a bet & all of a sudden I hear myself saying that if I'm right (which I of course am) I get to go to Taiwan to see my parents. Huh. Didn't even know I seriously even wanted to, but apparently I do. Granted Taiwan isn't up there with Africa, Ireland and Italy on my never ending list of places I want to go. Or Greece. Or Tahiti. Or Bail. Or Australia. Or Belize. Moving on. But having a whole week with my parents all to myself before the craziness of them being home? Seeing these two darling but not exactly world-traveling people out in the REAL world??? That alone would be worth it. Even to see my Dad trying to stomach some of the funky food they have there would be totally worth it. This is pretty much a once in a lifetime shot. I'm sure that if I don't take this chance, their next mission will be to like, Ohio or somewhere.
So why am I having such a hard time committing to it?
it's a lot of money/skymiles points but I'm sure it would totally be worth every single one. What do you think? Should I go? Kinda want to save up all my pennies & take my darling, patient, sweet, jewel of a husband on a golf trip somewhere. It doesn't seem fair that I would leave him & Sawyer at home in the snow while I go play with Grandma & Grandpa in 90 degree weather. I am a very lucky girl to even be contemplating this prospect though.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the reason behind the churro/beach comment

We spent last weekend in amazingly beautiful southern California, as part of Sawyer's Christmas with a few days at Disneyland/California Adventure, a day cruising around all of Matt's mom's Susie's old haunts (she came with us, and wanted to show us that she did actually-factually spend a portion of her formative years in Compton) and a paradisaical half-day at the beach in Santa Monica. Santa Monica has a big fat cushy soft spot in my heart from here on out. This dubious honor originally stemmed from a little place called Vanilla Bakeshop, what has the most unbelievable cupcakes and most gorgeous cakes of all time. But if you keep going west on Wilshire (after wiping the drool from their bakery case) and spending a week of your caloric allowance on key lime, blackberry passion fruit and bittersweet dark chocolate cupcakes, you'll find that you run into the most idyllic So Cal beach of all time. Not that it's all pristine & free of other people; it's packed, but the people are all either playing volleyball, playing with their kids at the playground, rollerblading with their dogs, riding low-rider bikes, flying kites, eating crazy good burritos, or jogging with their dogs, or playing Frisbee with their dogs. Let's just say it's a weeee bit more dog-friendly than Layton. And I love it. That is where I would go to sell my churros.
Anyway, the main point of the trip was to take Sawyer on her first Disneyland excursion, and we couldn't have taken her at a better time. She was just full of delight and joy the entire time, resulting in delighted, joyful parents & Grandma. There was actually a point where I honestly teared up from joy. Matt had the forethought to go ahead & stand behind Tinkerbell & when Sawyer came around the corner & saw her, he got these great pictures of her running up & nearly knocking the poor little thing over! Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!?
The princesses that we met were totally the highlight for me as well as for Sawyer. They were so sweet to her & looked freakishly similar to their respective character. It was really nice that Sawyer is such an Amazon girl, she was tall enough to ride every ride & brave enough to as well. She laughed through the Matterhorn, held our hands on Pirates of the Caribbean and was only a little freaked out by the acid-trip that is the Alice in Wonderland ride. I think she mostly loved our "Dining with Princesses" experience.

Grandma Shoosie!
Look at that sky. The ocean. The grass. The soft yummy sand. If you squint real hard you can almost see my churro cart. Maybe I'll rent roller blades too, it looked like that would be quite lucrative.
My favorite thing Sawyer says right now is this: "Mom! I have a great idea!" When she followed it up with "make a snow angel! But in the sand!" I think I fell a little more in love with her.
Sawyer voiced my feelings upon leaving the beach very accurately (except for the fact that I generally wear my sunglasses right side up.) We all had so much fun & were so grateful that Grandma Susie was able to come with us. I think I've become an official die hard Disney fan, I just saw a Disney World commercial & got all excited to take her there. Maybe Grandma & Grandpa Miller would come with us? :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

does anyone else...

..ever just want to be left alone for like a week?
..feel evil that they don't want to share all of their food with their 3 year old? (who refuses to eat her own lunch, but squawks like a bird until I feed her some of mine.)
..wonder if they even could mentally handle the second child that they've been trying for for a year?
..feel evil for thinking these things because their child actually is an unbelievably good girl?
..occasionally think that motherhood is not all it's cracked up to be in the satisfaction department?
..get retardedly sick of doing the same housekeeping, child-rearing tasks over and over and over day after day?
..think that blogging, bless it's heart, has made it all that much easier for them to compare their own worst selves to everyone else's best selves?
..feel like such a peice of crap for a mom somedays?
Am I just some insecure, selfish, stupid woman? Sometimes I just want to run away to the beach & sell churros.

There it is.
On my blog.
For all the world to see.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

freaking amazing!

my good buddy Jessica (or Gessika, as Sawyer calls her) is pretty much amazing at everything she puts her mind to, but particularly photography. I was lucky enough to be asked to be the guinea pig for a fun little photoshoot for Jess & her friend, the also amazing Sara. Also lucky was the fact that Sawyer fell asleep on the way to meet them & slept for an hour while I blissfully pretended I was still a model. Then she woke up and was an onery pickle-butt. But they did manage to get some very cute shots of her anyway, thanks in part to the miracle known as a slinky. So go check them out, because Sawyer is retardedly cute. Thanks so much you guys, we'd be happy to be your models anytime at all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's at the Lake House

So, our friends Danny & Jessica have repeatedly invited us to Jessica's parent's lake house in Sandpoint Idaho, and we haven't been able to go, so when Matt decided that work wouldn't allow him to go over New Year's, Sawyer & I just decided to bite the bullet & go anyway. As much as I hated being without Matt for not only New Year's Eve, but also BOTH of our anniversaries (wedding & sealing), it was totally worth it. And, as Matt said, we kinda do a good job of celebrating our marriage every day, so anniversaries are kinda just a formality. It was fine.
Let me just say that this is kinda the place that you see in movies & it never happens in real life. The house reminded me of that unbelievable house in Somethings Gotta Give. It is right on Lake Pend Oreille, about 40 miles south of the Canadian border. You can either fly into Spokane & drive an hour or drive 10 delightful hours on icy mountain passes through parts of Montana where we experienced lovely -21 degrees cold. Actually, it's 10 beautiful summery hours; 12-14 icy wintery hours. Other than that icky drive everything was deeevine! Sandpoint is an adorable little town with fun antique stores, ridiculous Mexican food and great people. The Rands, Jessica's parents, are some of the most kind & loving people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. They are crazy generous and super fun to be around, as evidenced by the fact that they had nearly 30 of their friends & family stay the week with them. There's the main house with room to sleep 18 people minimum, the 3 bedroom cottage, and the 3 story tree house with a king sized bed. This tree house is unbelievable, it was featured on one of those "crazy houses" shows on the travel channel. This is the middle floor bedroom with Sawyer and Becky enjoying the bed.This is Sawyer and her newest boyfriend, Sam, up in the top floor lookout of the treehouse.This is the bathroom in the tree house, nearly completely covered in copper. The guy who built this said that his concept for the bathroom was "a place where you could shower, shave & shit without moving your feet." Pretty spot-on, the whole place is waterproof because it's all part of the shower. This is my new best friend Wilson. I love dogs and he is one of the better ones.After some fantastic New Year's advice from Jessica's darling autistic brother, Tyler, we were ready to rock. (p.s. his advice was that it would be disgraceful and a waste of our precious time to just have a party, and that we would be better served by watching all of his 56 Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs.) New Year's Eve was wonderful. Without my wonderful husband there to bug me, I was able to go to bed with Sawyer at like eight, sleep for a few hours, then wake up to party when the dance party became un-sleep-throughable. The food was super good, I seriously gained five pounds in four days. Not even kidding. There were a whole bunch of teenage girls there, so we had a huge dance party all night & it was super fun. And yes, I did let my daughter sleep through the entire party. Apparently Sawyer has the rare talent to sleep through an atom bomb. I hope it serves her well. At some point we decided that dancing from a prone position would be best. Jessica's sister, MacKenzie hands-down won the cutest socks contest. I totally want those & I HATE socks. Thanks so much Jess & Danny & Becky & Jon!!!! We love you & hope to come to the lake house again, maybe with less snow, more jet skiing.

Speaking of jet skiing, here is a little new year's gift for those of you who have read this entire long, blabbling, not-particularly-well-written post....

The amount of love I feel for Daniel Tosh is a little insane.

From the mouth of a total babe

I've been keeping a little pile of scraps of paper whereon I have hastily written down the hilarious things that Sawyer has been saying lately. She makes me laugh my head off multiple times a day. Here are just a few.
-Sawyer was jabbering in the car one day about her cousins & I commented that it was so nice that we get to see our Davis cousins so often & that Grandma Susie always has such fun family parties, to which Sawyer replied that "Grandma Susie is like Jesus.... and SANTA!" Probably the greatest compliment a child can bestow upon anyone.... ever!
-We were trying to have family prayer a few nights ago & Sawyer was not feelin' it. When we asked her to say the prayer, she ran off to her room & came back with a page ripped out of one of her little note books & handed it to me, explaining that it was a "no prayers" ticket. We had the prayer without her & apparently she felt bad about it because by the time we were done she came back with a "yes prayers" ticket.
-I have no idea where this one came from, but here goes.... one day while she was on the potty doing her business, she goes "mom, we don't have to fight for our bums... Jesus fought for our bums for us!" Perhaps there was a lesson about the atonement in nursery???? I have seriously no idea!
-Today Sawyer & I were doing a little crafty project together & Sawyer put a little heart sticker on hers & scribbled all around it. She told me that it said "I love Danny." I couldn't quite understand her & said "you love Daddy?" to which she said "NO, I love DANNY!!!!" Danny is Matt's friend whom we spent the weekend with, apparently he left quite an impression on her. Hopefully Matt doesn't have his feelings hurt over that; rest assured that she does indeed love Daddy as well as Danny.

There will be more.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just in case you were wondering....

Wed Jan 7SunnySunny 71° 47° 0%

Thu Jan 8SunnySunny 69° 45° 0%

Fri Jan 9SunnySunny 70° 44° 0%

Sat Jan 10SunnySunny 70° 46° 0%

Sun Jan 11SunnySunny 72° 48° 0%

This is the forecast for Anaheim this week while we are there taking Sawyer to Disneyland for her first time. Let's just say that this more than makes up for the freaking NEGATIVE TWENTY degrees that I experienced this weekend in Idaho. Is it possible to be jealous of yourself?