Friday, October 28, 2011

It's tired here

Tonight (as with most nights) Matt attempted to hang out with me until his exhaustion overcame him.

Looking at houses online must bore him. Its starting to bore me. Actually, bore is the wrong word, frustrate the hell out of me is what it's really starting to do. We have a very specific area we want to buy in and we want a pool. Pretty much we are flexible on everything else, but apparently you have to know someone, the right someone, to get into a house there. The second something is listed, there's an offer on it. It doesn't help that our stupid freaking house hasn't officially closed yet, so we aren't in a position to be slapping down any offers of our own. It should close any day, but I'm getting a wee bit antsy. I'm sick of being in limbo. The kids & Cyd & I ran up to Davis county real quick this week to clean out the last few bits the stupid movers left behind (thanks, guys). It was good to see my friends & some family real quick, but I gotta say, it really didn't feel like "going home". Seeing the Stratosphere looming in the hazy distance felt more like coming home. Probably because my baby was there, but also because apparently I am a warm weather chic. I'm off the meds & more content than have been in a long time. Me likey.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


so there's this house... it's fully awesome. Here's the backyard.
I want it. We snuck in last night & now so does everyone else. It needs work, but the bones & yard & location are all perfection. The kind of work it needs is the exact kind of work I'd WANT to put into a house anyway, to make it ours, you know. I want it bad. But it's a short sale & last night somebody put an offer on it. So. What do we do? Our house should close in the next week or so. Should we put an offer of our own in? I hate that we'd have to wait so long to find out if either of them were accepted. I'm sick to death of waiting for things, of being in limbo. I've felt like this since July. I don't know if I could hack three more months....
In other news, I'm not the only one who loves it here in Vegas. We've been playing outside much more than we did in Layton, the weather is just glorious! These kids of ours are having a great time with the fenced backyard/dirt pile. Sawyer is a fan of having her picture taken. She makes up poses & faces & sets up each shot, tells me where to stand & when to take each picture. She's hilarious. Abram always wants in too.

We have a very friendly cat next door, Abram was being so so very gentle with it, we've really been working on that with him & I was so proud.

Look at those fat little hands! Ohhhh I just wanna gobble them up!
It was a great day despite the burned pumpkin bread, and the missing sewing machine cord. I love my family.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sunshine, lollypops & rainbows

I'm really happy right now.

I don't know if it's the extra sunny sunshine or the drastically decreased amount of "stuff" in my life or maybe it's that my husband is retardedly in love with his job, but I'm having a hard time wiping the smile off my face lately.

Things have changed since my last update, thanks to a huge tender mercy, we aren't having to live in St. George & have Matt commute, we are renting an awesome house in the Centennial Hills area (Northwest LV) from my sister-in-law Jennifer's parents who live down here.  They have been so completley welcoming & sweet, it's like having built in family already.  Our ward and neighborhood here are also wonderful & very welcoming.  Las Vegas is a huge city, but somehow it manages to have a small town attitude.  I find the desert extremly peaceful, which is odd considering how un-peaceful the part of Vegas is that most people think of.  It's much more than the Strip, and I love it. 

There are a huge amount of awesome homes in our price range, but I'm finding myself being really, really picky as I look.  Like "I-have-developed-multiple-styes-on-each-eyelid" picky.  It just feels like we'll be here for a good long time, and I don't want to find myself in a home I like in an area that I don't.  I don't want to put up with a home design/yard/neighborhood/ward that is anything less than awesome.  We honestly just left the best ward & neighborhood that I have ever expericned.  It was bliss.  Sooo hard to leave.  It's not even about getting the fanciest house, or a huge house (goodness no, I don't think I'll ever want a huge house, not my style) I'm seriously just trusting in the Lord to help us find the neighborhood that He would have us be in.  That's my priority.
Well, that and a house that I can picture our family loving life in. 

This post by the always inspiring Sarah of Clover Lane is helping me refocus my intentions right now.  Perhaps that is another reason for the lightness of my heart lately. 

I've been living in a state of gratitude.  I've been ever so conscious of how mindful our Heavenly Father is of us, little us, and it blows my mind.  The move to Layton, the people we met there, the children I'm so lucky to have, the timing (and loveliness) of Abram's birth, which ultimately lead to Cydney being with us, even the miscarriages I went through, Matt working at Advanced Title (with Kirsten's husband Dave! a junior high pipe dream come true!), Matt running into Jake & setting us down this path of moving to Vegas, so many other little things that simply didn't happen by accident! All these things have "worked together for our good". 

Doctrine & Covenants Section 90 Verse 24 (this reference is inscribed into Matt's wedding ring by the way.)

Search diligently, pray always, and be believing,
and all things shall work together for your good,
if ye walk uprightly and remember
the covenant wherewith
ye have covenanted one with another.

Regardless of the reason for the smiles, I'm certain that staying in that grateful mindset will keep 'em coming, no matter what comes our way in the future.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sometimes I think I accidentally married Pedro

like riding on a dragon. Clearly.
We are up at the cabin escaping the last few chaotic bits at our 98% empty house, and the cleaning that is eminent. The last time we were up at the cabin, it was for the 4th if July, where at the Oakley Rodeo, Matt ran into his old college buddy, Jake & we got this hairbrained idea to switch careers & move. The only things we were certain of were 1) that Matt should go to Medical Sales College like Jake had, and 2) that it was time to sell our house so that we could be available to go wherever Matt got a job after he finished school.
Over the course of the past few months, we've done more than our fair share of speculating & impatiently stamping our proverbial feet wondering where in the helk this journey was taking us, and why. And while we don't really know the why just yet, we do know the where! Las Vegas! Yesterday Matt accepted an offer to work for an Arthrex distributorship in Lost Wages (as my pseudo-father Sherwood Pack calls it), selling all sorts of screws & plates & biologics (ask him about it next time you see him, it's so fun to see him excited about his work and throwing around medical terminology. At least it is to me)
I'm so excited for him. It's great to see him passionate about what he's doing & excited to work hard & be successful.
So yeah. Moving to Vegas. I'm excited about the change, there are so many things about it that lead me to believe that it will be a great fit for our little family. And the thing that gives me the most hope is that this move makes even less sense than our move to Layton, and that has turned out to be a huge blessing, full of wonderful friends & lots of opportunities for growth. So by that logic, Vegas should be good. Right?
We are spending the next week with Susie, tying up loose ends with the house & whatnot, then we'll move down to the condo in St George to mooch off of Susie's generosity some more & be closer to Vegas for when Matt starts work on the 10th. Hopefully we'll find a great house (pool!) and be able to move officially & be reunited with all the crap in our storage shed soon.
So that's the updated plan.

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