Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Ad Page for the Pageant Book

here is the ad page we've designed for the Pageant book. Matt insisted that I use an old modeling picture. I was hesitant to do that because I didn't want to look like this lady in the book last year who used a 15 year old picture so that she looked younger. This is only 6 years old, but I hope no one asks about it. I am getting really anxious for the pageant, the interview is scary to me, and I'm sure that the opening number is going to put me over the edge. I'm trying to delete the idea that I'm not coordinated from my mind, I'm taking more choreographed classes at the gym to build my confidence, and I'm going to practice the hell out of it once I learn the moves. I am determined to not look like an idiot. No, not just that, I am determined to look really good. Dead on. I really, really want everyone to come support me. Everyone in the world. jk. I have never done many sports, or things that people come to, so I really, really, really want people to come to this one thing, make signs and go nuts. It would mean soooo much to me.

Family Pictures

Kirsten is the biggest rock star. I wish I was famous so that I could have a bit in my contracts about how she is the only photographer I will work with. Seriously, I showed these pictures to my parents and as soon as they saw them (in comparision to the other pictures we took with them on Monday) they said "oh, now that looks more like you." She just has "the eye", you know? And Sawyer looks like a little gap girl model. What a sweetie. It was really fun to spend time with Kirsten, and then after we took these pictures we went to the Melting Pot with Kirsten & Dave & Jake & Alicia and laughed our butts off, it was soooo much fun. Easter was awesome too, Sawyer picked up on the whole easter egg hunt thing really really quickly, and she loved the one we took her to on Saturday so much that I stayed up till 1 am setting up one for her to do on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

San Jorge

Oh my goodness, it's been an awfully long time, and I really shouldn't even try to blog right now because my brain is too tired to think of anything witty to write. My sister Mandy had a baby girl last week, that's exciting, her sixth. The named her Grace Nancy Lagerstrom, and I am really excited to meet her this weekend. Kirsten and her mom & I went down to St. George and had a rollicking good time. It was nice because now with kids its too hard to get any real quality time with each other, but when you're together for a few days it can actually happen every once in a while. It was pretty discouraging though because I am such an idiot for my routine. I thought I had grown out of my onery pants mostly, but geez Louise, if I don't get my workout in every day I am an irritable butt-head. It was hard because we only had one car and I will not do that again. I have to be able to go whenever I want. We slept over at Jake & Alicia's last Saturday night, which was fun for us, I'm not sure if they liked it or not. I feel like I'm in junior high again, that's how long it's been since I tried to make new friends, how dumb is that? They're kinda hard to read, but I like them so I don't care. :) Here is a picture of Sawyer watching A Bug's Life with Porter & Mason for the 18th time. Those boys are so stinking sweet. They just played so cute with Sawyer, I loved seeing them wrestle and hug and tease.