Saturday, June 12, 2010

Newest family member

Ok things have been a little nuts around here. Not only a new baby, but also another new member of the household, my niece, Cydney has come to live with us. We initially were just kind of joking, the beauty school she wants to go to is around the corner from our house & we have a largely uninhabitated basement...8 days later she moved in! She's working at Advanced Title with(ish) Matt, and it's been awesome to have her & get to know her better.

Sawyer, of course ADORES her & can't wait for her to come home every night, so that she can torment her, which Cyd puts up with sooo well. I think she must be missing her six little brothers, there's no other explaination for her limitless patience.

I thought it would be a fairly big adjustment, but it's been nothing but great. She helps me with the dishes & cleans up after herself, plays with my kids & puts up with Matt's jokes. A completely pleasant change.
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Melissa said...

I'm glad it's working out.

Kirsten said...

I miss you :)