Thursday, July 22, 2010

the recap of the century

for those of you who (shockingly) read this post in between the time where I accidentally pushed "publish post" after only typing the title (Lynette & Tana) thank you for making me giggle. And now, with no more further ado or gilding of the lily, I give you "the recap of the century......."

wow, it's been over a month, and I'm not even sure I'll get an entire post done today, but I wanted to take a stab at it. I've been cheating on my blog with facebook, it's just so much quicker, so I'll go through my recent statuses, or stati or whatever it would be so I can even remember what we've been doing.

* finally finished the applique onesies that I was working on when my water broke. Just in time for Abram to not actually fit in any of them! I swear this kid has a secret HGH supplier. At his 2 month appointment he was 99th percentile for height & weight & 75th for head size. Dude is wearing 6-12 month stuff. And it seems like he hits a growth spurt about every other week. The biggest & best part about him is his smile though. This picture does not reflect that.but how cute is that onesie? He also has a rocketship, an octopus and two ties. They are darling. Anyone want them? He fit in 0-3 months for about a week.
* We have Hogle Zoo passes this year & took Abram for his first time. He really enjoyed it. Learned a lot. His favorite part was riding the merry-go-round & smelling the elephant poop. Rave reviews from Abes, two thumbs up.

* I finally broke down & bought clothes that fit my (hopefully temporary) post-baby body. $150 at Charlotte Russe gets ya a whole shload of stuff. Like as in 2 jeans, 3 leggings, 4 cute tanks, 2 tshirts. Enough to getcha through the summer 15 pounds heavier than you'd like to be.
* Went to the cabin with my Cyd, my parents, Becky's poodle puppies (and yes, Sawyer is allergic to these little hypo-allergenic nuggets too. Good to know) & my sister Jozet's family. Loved it.
Jeter, cute little turd that he is, decided that Abram's binkie was just the ticket for his prodigious chewing needs.
Sawyer & her cute grandpa walking Romeo & Jeter

The best way to wake up, baby-bomb.
I have no recollection of carving my name in a tree in 2006, but perhaps I did, there aren't too many Celestes running around.
Sawyer was disappointed that they did not see any bears in bear country.
Cousin Cael being a boy.
* Abram's baby blessing was awesome, but an unbelievable amount of work. I wanted the yard in top form & invited a ton of people to lunch afterward, so that pretty much consumed my brain for a good 2 months. And thanks to Cyd for stealing my camera & getting all of these shots of the day because I totally spaced it.
Playing with cousins after Abram's blessing

an attempt at a family picture. I love how we are each looking in a different direction. nice.
(puppyfield) Matt, Abes & Susie
I love you Mandy!
My awesome sister did practically all the dishes from this huge shebang by her onesie. I love her guts.
there's my sleepy boys. Abram looks like he's not asleep, but he was. He does a freaky little opened eye sleep sometimes. me no likie. it's weird.

* June 20th's status was "my cup overfloweth". Oh boy does it ever. So blessed. Seriously.
* Obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. Tons of talking about that on facebook.
* Sleeping through the night is the greatest thing since sliced bread. No, even greater. Abram quickly put his cute little self on a nice little schedule & consistently goes from 9 to 5 or 6 in the morning. He is a rock star. Wait, no, rock stars are frequently up all night long. He is not a rock star. He is a lame cellist like Yo-Yo Ma who no doubt sleeps for lovely long stretches at night.
* I had a serious ice cream problem during the later part of June & early July. Now I am doing Body for Life and that ice cream problem has been consolidated down to my one "free" day a week. It's better for everyone that way. But if I had to drown in a swimming pool full of ice cream, this'd be the one I'd go for.
* I signed Matt & I up for a sprint triathlon. It's 3 weeks from Saturday. Have I done any training, learning to run outside without dying, attempting to learn to swim after a 10 year break, or getting over my fear of road bikes? Um, no. Actually I went swimming this morning. And yes, I felt every one of those 10 years with nary a lap swam. This should be interesting.
* Threw a fun little baby shower for my good buddy Jessica. You know, Jessica of the amazing birth photos? She's having a sweet little girl any day now & I am beyond excited to see this little nugget. She's also going with Hypnobirthing, yay Jess! Oh and also, due to the extreme awesomeness of the pictures she took of my birth, I've been asked to contribute to a story in the Ogden Standard-Examiner about Hypnobirthing. Yup, me & my vaginal accomplishments will be in the newspaper. I hope it doesn't make me sound like a doofus.
* The 4th of July was a bit much this year. It was on a Sunday, and heaven forbid that we celebrate our country with our loved ones on the Sabbath, so they stretched it out to a four day extravaganza. I was over it pretty quickly.
* Last Monday I woke up bright & early & worked out, picked berries & started to make a pie.......and then I died.
Mastitis. Hit me like a ton of those big old ACME anvils they use in Roadrunner cartoons. That beeyotch snuck up on me mid-crust & still hasn't unclenched her bony little fingers from my right breast. I hate her. I got on an antibiotic asap, but did you know that you have to nurse through it? It is nothing short of "white-hot, blinding, toe-curling, scream at the top of your lungs but you can't because there's a sweet sleepy little baby about 8 inches from your face pain. Every 2-3 hours. And that's with the 800 mg of ibuprofen.... I'd rather give birth again. Yes, without an epidural." I got it with Sawyer when she was 8 months old, so I just quit nursing, and I had no idea that it was physically possible to nurse through it. It's one of the suckiest sucks of all the sucks. There were meltdowns at 4:30 am, screaming at people, being super impatient with Sawyer, lots of tears & prayers & it ended up being a very awesome learning experience. Not feeling well always makes me realize how much I still miss her: Then that makes me cry even more. As far as mastitis goes though, thank God for lactation consultants and my amazing husband, that's all I have to say.
* Matt's uncle Dennis died. We will miss him at Sunday dinners. He always would charge to the front of the line as soon we said "amen" and brought a selection of random gifts for anyone to grab off the entryway table. As it turns out he had about 4,346 years worth of random entryway table gifts in storage at his house. It took everyone about a week to go through it all, organize the estate sale & clean the place up. We all made out like bandits. This is our BluRay collection before: This is our BluRay collection after:
and that's just what Matt & I took home, Steven's garage is still chock full. It was exhausting and I only helped for a few hours. I'm sure Matt's siblings & mom are still recuperating.
* Saw Inception & Despicable Me. Wicked cool & very, very darling. Respectively. Both will be added to our collection of DVDs soon. Too bad Uncle Dennis isn't around to buy them for us.

oh, and just in case I get to choose my method of execution, I want to be sure to remember that this lovely little number would be a contender. If you haven't tried it before, go now.


Lynette said...

Is it supposed to be funny that "the recap of the century" is blank?'s hilarious.

tanalicious said...

boy, that was one hell of a recap!

the Lola Letters said...

Um SEND THOSE ONSIES MY WAY PLEASE!!! SOOO CUTE! Kay, now I am going to go back and read the rest of the post. Just had to let you know I was interested and such...

the Lola Letters said...

ZOO - yay!
BEAR COUNTRY? I can't believe you went to bear country without me. ME, the girl who has a game plan for every morbid bear scenario you can possibly think of. (The best of which I think is throwing a honey-baked ham out on the deck (yes, I am bringing a honey baked ham nexxt time, JUST for bear-diversion purposes)and yelling "Heeere Bear-y bear-y while you get Kortland and Sawyer inside through the other glass door. It's a miracle you made it back alive without me... but I'm sure glad you did :)

BLESSING DAY - looks like it went off beautifully - wish we could have come! (Your invite went to my inlaws house and they thought that it was from one of their missionaries... I found it in their mail pile last week. Boo.)


MASTITIS - BOOOOO!!!! You summed the pain up PERFECTLY and I agree. Epidural-free childbirth ain't got NOTHIN on that biotch!

CHARLIE? Bawling right there with you.

CINNAMON BUNS? Now THAT'S an ice cream I can get behind!

Love you!

PS - totally posting pics of my new nursey tomorrow!!! Eeek! Finally. It's tired in here...