Wednesday, September 22, 2010

something to pet

I have a lot of other things I need to be blogging about right now but since I always forget the funny things Sawyer says I feel like I need to write this one down before I forget.
yesterday when we were driving home from ballet sawyer said
"when my fish dies I want to take him to take him to that fish place instead of down the toilet."
"what fish place? The pet store?"
"no, no, the place with the red fishy sign"

McGrath's Fish House

"sweetie, that place is a restaurant, a place you go to eat fish, not to bury fish. Dead fish go down the toilet."
"oh, ok."

I could almost feel the deep thoughts swirling around the back seat.

"okay then how about I let you flush him down the toilet, but you buy me a hamster when he dies?"
"well, Daddy is probably allergic, because people that are allergic to cats are usually allergic to hamsters too."
"but I will just keep it in my room, in a cage, and never, ever let it out...."
"that doesn't sound like a very good life for a hamster, does it?"
With much heart-breaking sniffling and chin-quavering she manages to choke out: "but I just want something to pet..."

Me too, Bubs, me too.

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