Tuesday, July 12, 2011

big stuff. big stuff.

hey howdy howdy.  still alive.  not blogging & not taking any pictures, so I can't really prove it, but it's true. We've been up to some big stuff over here.  putting our house, car, children etc up for sale, you know, no bigs.  k, not children.  we really actually like them a whole heaping lot.  our kids kick butt.

but yeah, house.  for sale.  car.  for sale.  gonna have a yard sale pretty soon here too, so there'll be a lot more shish for sale as well. 

wanna buy anything?

Why, you may ask, are we selling everything?  I'll tell you.....
we are going on an adventure.  yes, a family adventure.  together.  we don't know where we will be in 3 months.  Here's the deal.  Matt has been quite dissatisfied with his job lately.  It's been a huge blessing over the years & we lovelovelove everyone he's worked with, but the actual job portion?  not a great fit.  Anyway, that's what we've been realizing in the last few, and over the 4th of July weekend, we kind of had a few things happen that helped us figure out what to do!  I don't believe in coincidences, do you?  Things happen how they are supposed to happen.  Matt ran into a friend from college at the Oakley rodeo who told him about this medical device sales college that he had gone to & how he was enjoying his new career.  Things happened pretty quickly from there, it just felt really right for us.  He starts the at home portion (4 weeks long) next Monday, then on August 15th, he starts another 4 weeks in Denver at MSC.  So, come (hopefully) the end of September, we'll have a new career on our hands, quite possibly a new place to live.  Maybe even a new house, who knows?
I'm feeling really excited though, I think Matt'll be a lot happier, and it's exciting to just feel like we're allowing the Lord to kind of guide our lives a little.  His plans are always WAAAYYYY better than mine ever are anyway, so it's cool. ;)
So that's what we're doing.  We're gonna be pretty freaking poor for a minute though, while Matt is unemployed for a few weeks, but honestly I'm thinking that'll be kind of an adventure too.  I'm finding all sorts of fun free things to do with the kids, and being better about planning meals & buying actually from a list (shockingly easier on the budget than just purchasing everything that looks tasty. amazing!) Passed up a hair appointment (so that's why I look skraggely), a concert and I'm busting out the Happenings book again! It feels really good to feel all united toward a goal as a family/couple.  I kind of love it. 
Do you see this? It's freaking 1 am.  What in the hell am I doing? 
see ya later.


Melissa said...

Good luck guys.
Let us know how it all goes.
And take some pictures.

Jen Nelson said...

Ahhh!! I'm super excited for you guys! I love adventures! Let me know if I can do anything to help!

matesen said...

My best friends husband is currently in Denver for this same program and is really loving it. I am sad to see you guys go, but I am excited for your new adventure! Good luck :)

Housewife on Fire said...

Oh LOVE you crazy kids!!!

PLEASE DO let me know if you want tips for being the cheapity-cheapest person on the lil planet that we call earth... cause you're talkin' to her babe!

I'm all for letting the Lord guide your life... but could you put in a small request that at the end of the road of new jobs and new places, He dumps you off in St. Georgie next to me?

I think He would be down with that.

Keep us posted!
Super excited for you!!!!!!

{too.many.exclamations.but.I.just. can't.seem. to STOP!!!!!!}

tanalicious said...

gosh.. thats awesome. tell matt to hit up the BIG man and send a new job our way.. talk about being dissatisfied. but YAY for you.. we should totally do dinner or something before you guys are to crazy busy to do anything.