Friday, May 13, 2011

Seis-o de Mayo Fiesta

Ever since we knew Abram's due date, we thought it would be fun to have a Cinco de Mayo party for him. Rent a taco truck, have obnoxious Mexican polka music rockin', and a pinata of course. I'm excited to show you the pictures. This was a lot less work than I thought it would be because I have awesome family who always offer to help & bring food & be my own personal margarita maker (thanks Steve! I love you! (even though blogs are beneath you & you would never read this)) and because the taco truck (which was awesome, thank you Danny for arranging it with your mad Spanish speaking skills) did most of the food.
I made Churro cupcakes & a carrot cake for Abram to smash, which was decidedly the highlight of the night, at least for me.
Here are the pics in no particular order because blogger sucks to load lots of pictures into. (Does anyone have any tips to make this easier? please please please)

Elder Parry! Evan's farewell is this Sunday, I'm so in love with this kid, he is beyond awesome.
miss Elsie Jane, how cute is that outfit, I could just eat her up.
G-Dawg holding Soph while Abram's little cousin-buddy Sully plays in the background
See, when you have a party catered you can actually enjoy it. What a concept.
And there's the number for ya. Olga & her husband were awesome.
Sawyer just played & played with this neighbor girl the whole night.
The kids table. Sawyer was so excited to have a special project to put together & decorate while I was setting up. She is at such a fun stage right now.
My men. Both of them were a little excited to bash George's head in.
Abram actually "got" it. Sawyer at her first birthday? not so much. Apparently boys like to destroy things... who knew?
ah, Cyd. The beauteous Cydney. Even perplexed she is still gorg.
Lucy Loo. Do you like her ever so occasion appropriate little shirt? That's authentic, too.
And here's the cake. I swear that candle was red in the store. The cupcakes have a bit of dulce de leche inside & drizzled on top. Then the cinnamon buttercream & a Costco churro topped them off. They were really good.
Seriously, that smile is gonna get him everywhere in life.
The kids really enjoyed the pinata.
This bottle was full of wishes & wise words for Abram from my friends at his baby shower. My favorite? "Dear Abram- I'm sure you're a good person, but right now we just don't know. -Grace"
No surprise that a Parry knocked the monkey's head off.
I love those little lips! (and do you like the road rash on his arm? yeah, I have no idea where he got that.)
Doesn't that look fun?

Yeah, they for sure are in love. Either that or she just wants his cake.

It was so much fun to have everyone there, besides an unfortunate delivery incident wherein the Parry family did not receive their invitation, it was a roaring success!


Blair and Lyndsay said...

Oh gosh, he is seriously so cute! He does have a killer smile! Awesome party Celeste!!

matesen said...

He is so cute! And I love that you rented a taco truck-that is the BEST idea!

Melissa said...

Man those cupcakes look awesome, but not as awesome as your one year old.
Now he's a cutie.
You're looking skinny as well man, no more baby weight on that body of yours, what are you doing?
I know how to do pic's but I can't be bothered explaining it.
Maybe you should skype me.
Happy birthday Abram.

Jana said...

i need a churro cupcake....noooow. happy birthday baby!