Saturday, September 17, 2011

All is right with the world again

Yesterday I woke up at four am, got on a plane, took a bus for a hour, rode light rail and walked a mile, all to surprise my amazing-doesn't-even-begin-to-cover-it husband. Cydney got Sawyer off to school, dropped Abes off with Stacey & Ryan and then freaking delivered a wedding cake for me. (the delivery is for sure the hardest, most stressful part, this is a big deal.) There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to her, to JaNae & Kirsten & Stacey (and to my parents for the ride to the airpoirt at an unholy hour) because surprising Matt & being here in Denver for his graduation was a total "movie moment". He had no idea. It was the best.

And I'm so glad I got to meet all his instructors & the guys in his class. Oh my goodness the whole program was awesome, everyone was in tears the whole time, it was really something special. I cannot believe how hard he worked for this. He was in class an hour before it started every day (at six am!) stayed late every night, and if he wasn't in class he was only sleeping or studying. The top three scores in the class were just one point behind each other, Matt came in second, by one point, and was awarded the MVP award which was voted on by the other guys in the class. What an honor. I could tell in just the first few seconds of meeting them that each of those guys were phenomenal human beings, like just really super good guys. His instructor Mark I can tell is someone who will be in our lives as a mentor & friend for a very long time. I can see that being the case with Mark, Joe, Jason & Alex as well.
The whole experience was really pivotal in Matt's life. Since Scott died, he has really been dragging in so many ways. It is so nice to see him excited & passionate about life again.
After graduation and many tearful goodbyes, we went back to Bob & Rennei's, Matt's aunt & uncle who has so kindly hosted him for the last month, said goodbye to her & set out on our way to Vail where I had made a reservation for the night at the Marriott & an 80 minute couples massage! After our massage, which was awesome, we went to Sweet Basil for an unbelievably good linger-and-talky dinner. We walked around Oktoberfest and checked out all the lovely ladies with their plastic surgery faces and furs & Louis Vition bags. Vail is not messing around. Matt woke up early & snuck out and grabbed some takeout from a delicious little creperie. Now we are going to hustle home to our little ones and have a nice relaxing weekend together before the firestorm of find-a-job-move-out-of-our-house-into-Susie's-find-a-new-house-who-knows-where starts. Then there's the training a new primary president, cleaning our house down to the nubs, registering Sawyer & Cyd for new schools, finding a new gym, etc etc etc. Holy cow. But guess what? That's all going to happen just fine. For now? For now I'm just going to sit back, sing off-key to Matt's old man music, read Real Simple and be with my baby for the next six hours. There is no one I'd rather be with, make plans with, dream with, laugh with, wake up with or be stuck in the car with. There is no one I'd rather see succeed. And I know he will. In every aspect of life.

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Rach said...

This made me teary eyed reading it. So happy for you both. He really seems like such an amazing guy.

Kierstin said...

YAY!!! Im SO happy it all worked out!! What an amazing experience for you guys... I love your guts :) xo Congratulations, Matt... you're a rock star!

Jen Nelson said...

OK, you rock. Matt rocks. It's true - you all rock. I am so excited for your family! What an amazing little adventure you are on! Good luck with everything!!