Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sometimes I think I accidentally married Pedro

like riding on a dragon. Clearly.
We are up at the cabin escaping the last few chaotic bits at our 98% empty house, and the cleaning that is eminent. The last time we were up at the cabin, it was for the 4th if July, where at the Oakley Rodeo, Matt ran into his old college buddy, Jake & we got this hairbrained idea to switch careers & move. The only things we were certain of were 1) that Matt should go to Medical Sales College like Jake had, and 2) that it was time to sell our house so that we could be available to go wherever Matt got a job after he finished school.
Over the course of the past few months, we've done more than our fair share of speculating & impatiently stamping our proverbial feet wondering where in the helk this journey was taking us, and why. And while we don't really know the why just yet, we do know the where! Las Vegas! Yesterday Matt accepted an offer to work for an Arthrex distributorship in Lost Wages (as my pseudo-father Sherwood Pack calls it), selling all sorts of screws & plates & biologics (ask him about it next time you see him, it's so fun to see him excited about his work and throwing around medical terminology. At least it is to me)
I'm so excited for him. It's great to see him passionate about what he's doing & excited to work hard & be successful.
So yeah. Moving to Vegas. I'm excited about the change, there are so many things about it that lead me to believe that it will be a great fit for our little family. And the thing that gives me the most hope is that this move makes even less sense than our move to Layton, and that has turned out to be a huge blessing, full of wonderful friends & lots of opportunities for growth. So by that logic, Vegas should be good. Right?
We are spending the next week with Susie, tying up loose ends with the house & whatnot, then we'll move down to the condo in St George to mooch off of Susie's generosity some more & be closer to Vegas for when Matt starts work on the 10th. Hopefully we'll find a great house (pool!) and be able to move officially & be reunited with all the crap in our storage shed soon.
So that's the updated plan.

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