Tuesday, June 12, 2012

its on purpose, ya'll

wanna see my sweet new ride phone?

 AYUUUPPPP. Don't be jealous.
The Motorola Zoom.  That's right. 

A month or so ago I tossed Abram out onto the blow up mattress that we have turned into an awesome raft in the pool.  As I chucked him, I realized that it wasn't going to end well, that he was going to bounce right off that raft and roll backwards into the pool, so I jumped in and pretty much caught him before he had a chance to submerge.  Boo/Yay for my mom skills!  But I was fully dressed and had my beloved droid in my pocket.  After a week in the rice, it became apparent that the droid was never going to resurrect itself. 
Sad face.
In the meantime I had borrowed this bad boy from my sister-in-law's sister-in-law, Kristin.  I have no desire to extend my contract with the abomination of poor customer service that is known as Verizon Wireless, nor do I dare buy a phone of some random person on Craigslist, so the zoom and I are hanging out for a while.

That's the way the story goes to the world at large.
In real life here's how I choose to look at the situation:

As I mom, everyday, multiple times a day sometimes, I pray to know how to best parent my children.  I am overwhelmed by their awesomeness and feel completely inadequate to be entrusted with their welfare, spiritual, mental, physical or emotional.  Lately I've been feeling like I need to be more accessible, more presesnt, less facebooky/pinteresty/instagrammy.  I am sure you know what I'm talking about.  It's crazy, right?  Everyone, everywhere has their freaking faces stuck to their smart phones.  All.  The. Damn. Time.  All the time!  I was the worst of them.  So yeah, I tried to "back it off a bit", only being on my phone constantly instead of all the time.  Go me! Let's just say my efforts were weighed and measured and found wanting.  And there we go, that is why my phone died a soggy death. 

But guess what?

Since returning to the late '90s, I've found that my brain is more clear, that my daughter wants to talk to me all the time and that I'm more conversational with real life people! People that are right there in front of my face! I guess they've been there all along, just waiting for me to put my phone down.  I'm not suggesting that everyone downgrade their phones, I'm just saying that I suck at being a mom and a smartphone user.  I honestly don't think I'll go back, which is weird because it used to feel like I'd die and never be organized again without my phone.  Well, if you feel that way, I'm here to tell you that it simply isn't true. 
You wanna know what I do miss?
-talk to text.  Because tapping 2 three times to make a C is ridiculous.
-the my fitness pal app.  Because I am need to be a calorie counter at this point in my metabolic life.
-audibel.  Matt & I used to listen to the same book together.  It was fun.

That's it.  I really like using proper scriptures again, and I do not miss being all plugged in. So if you text me and you get a one or two word answer, that's why.  Call me, I promise I still love you.


Kierstin said...

Bwaaahaaaha! That's so dope, yo! Love the flip phone. I actually feel way cooler with a flip phone anyway ;). Love yer face

T.A.T.I Crew said...

You are so fantastically refreshing.

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