Wednesday, September 5, 2012

unplayful playroom with potential

aka Vintage Revivals Epic Room Makeover Submission

Dearest Mandi-
Hi! My name is Celeste.  I am a huge fan of the awesomely creative brain inside that lovely noggin of yours.  The only thing I would like better than to have my room made over would be to be able to watch how that brain works in the process.  You see, we recently made a huge life change as my husband changed careers and we moved from Layton Utah, surrounded by family and friends, to Las Vegas Nevada, surrounded by.... no one!  It's been tough and awesome and I'm so glad for how things have worked out.  (Here are some pics to endear ourselves to you.)
Celeste and Matt... totally unsketchy people with whom you would be in no danger to stay.

Sawyer, aka Sweetest Girl on the Planet

Abram, aka Main Reason We Need a Padded Play Room
Obviously, the main thing that has been occupying my mind in the last 7 months, (since we purchased an awesome house in an awesome neighborhood,) is making this house, feel like home.  Flooring, paint, light fixtures, front door, sink and disposal all swapped out, frankly, with me doing most of the work.  I've become Craig and his list's newest girlfriend.  We go out nearly every weekend, scouring the valley for just the right tables, chairs, dressers, consoles, beds, etc to make over for this house. Don't worry, I do not pay Craig OR his list with sexual favors of any kind, this IS Vegas, yes, but I haven't been here that long.  But I want to learn more from you about how to do this thrifting thing, how to make freaking awesome belt look drawer pulls, amazing chandeliers from hideous non-chandelier things, paint ombre walls... you never cease to amaze me!  Teach me! Teach me!

wha wha.  the last remaining unpacked box.  Also you can see where I ripped the desk out.
this hot mess of a desk totally does not have to stay here.
Anyway, the house is coming along with the exception of the cursed upstairs playroom.  The previous owners had used it as an office of some sort.  It had a rather large "built-in" corner desk that I ripped out with my bare hands the day before the carpet guys came.  It was made of mdf and screws and attached to the wall with liquid nails and I showed that beast who was boss.  But did I ever clean up the leftover liquid nails and repaint the wall so that it didn't look like a nasty scar around one quarter of the room? No.  I did not.  Why would I do that when I have no direction or vision for what I want this room to be?  Which is sad, because this is one of the best rooms in the house.  It's got great windows, a cute arched doorway, and a beautiful view of our palm trees and pool in the backyard.
two of the four great windows, and half of the greatest movie poster of all time.
"help me, help me Mandi!" said this sorry excuse for a media area
the closest thing we have to a padded room

So there isn't any nasty paneling to rip out, no random sink in the corner, no hideous attempts at tiling, no electrical that needs moving.  The carpet is brand new, the ceilings are only sort of popcorny, but there is nothing going on.  I just haven't caught a vision for it.  At all.  We bought two huge LoveSacs and haven't been able to commit to much else.  It's a freaking blank slate, Mandi.  An awesome, awesome blank slate just waiting for you (and me and anyone that owes me a favor) to turn it from blank, beige blah to Mandilicious-awesomeness!

The rest of the house is totally shopable, the Lowes is just down the street, as is the Home Goods, and I hear there is good thrifting to be had here and I am quite handy.  I'm sorry none of these pics are of the entire room, Abram threw one of my camera's lenses down the stairs, so we are just working with the 52mm.  (Apparently he's unclear as to what is okay to play with and what is not, you know, since the playroom is so unplayful and blah.  Help me help him out with this before he destroys anything else!)  But the room is about 14 feet by 20 feet and other than the things shown in the pictures, empty.
I've got plenty of room for you to stay, and hello, it's Vegas. I'm certain we could have a good time when we aren't working our tails off. 

Also, there will undoubtedly be cake.  Amazing cake.
Pick me.  You'll be happy you did.  Please.  Pretty please?


Kierstin said...

Oh celeste, I love you! U kill me. I miss your face! Loves n snuggs

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Hahaha I love the Craigslist sex comment! I love you dear Celeste and I would love to come and help with your room! Thanks for entering and good luck!!

Love your guts

Jessica Kettle said...

oh my gosh I PICK YOU! does that count? i pick you. x 1000.

Jessica Kettle said...

p.s. holy sh** why do they make those word verification things so freaking hard?! that took me 20 minutes. simma down blogger.

Kierstin said...

the iphone 5 is supposed to release tomorrow so we'll see if it's the shiznit and then I'll get that. If not, I'll get a phone this week. I feel like a caveman (woman?) without a phone. What? I have to WRITE things down on a PAPER calendar? WTF!!? I think I'll make it... somehow. (cue sad violin music). xo

The Motts said...

i hope you winnnnnn! i live in vegas too and want to come par-tay! im spreading the word for you!!!


Celeste said...

em! thank you! I would love that so sosososo much!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography said...

Fun to "meet" you! Your kids are adorable;)

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography said...

I just found out you are the bff of one of my good bloggy friends--Kirsten Wright. Love her!