Friday, February 16, 2007

hello again.

Man, I really let things slide there for a while. Well, I'm back. It has just been insane with pageant crap, I cannot believe how generous people are. With lots of help from Matt, we've been able to raise quite a bit of money. I will still sell ad space until they are due in April, but I think I'll be able to do this pageant without spending any of our own money, which was the goal. It is amazing to me that so many people are willing to support what I am doing. My favorite though, I've got to admit is the money my parents gave me. They said that they wanted to buy a little good luck ad for me, and my dad said that he was thinking about a business card sized one, but when he learned that I only get half of the money from ads, he decided he'd better just sponsor me directly. So they talked it over and next time I saw him, he had a check. I expected him to only give me like $50 because that's what the ad would have cost him, so imagine my surprise, when the check was for $200! Now, that may not sound like much to some people, but from my parents, it is huge. They have done such a good job of teaching me to be independent, and if I want something I know I have to work for it, so for them to just give me 1/4 of my entry fee was really amazing to me. They are so supportive and kind in every way. It really meant a lot to me. Let's see, what else? Oh, Valentine's Day was really fun. Matt bribed me into going to the Jazz game; we were playing the Cavs, so I got to look at LeBron all night which was great for me. I actually have really been enjoying watching basketball with Matt lately though. I think it's coaching the Young Women's team, it's made me have to learn a few things, and Matt is very good to teach me what he can in those rare moments when I try to give a crap about sports. Plus Memot Okur is so clutch, the game was pretty exciting. So now we are in St. George again (I love my life) courting one of Matt's clients until Tuesday. The home show is on this week, and I love going to that, so it should be really fun. Then when we go home, Sawyer and I are heading up to Idaho to help Jozet do some finish work on her house, and watch Jared in the State Wrestling Championship. That kid is so freaking cool. I wish I could raise my kids to be like the Richardsons, honestly. Even McKaye, who has every reason to be a brat (only girl, beautiful, talented) is so NOT a brat. I have the coolest nieces and nephews. It makes me think twice about having only 3 kids. I really think that part of the reason they are such neat kids is that they have had to learn a lot of patience and that they aren't the center of the universe because they all have so many siblings. I dunno, I'm sure that there are advantages both ways. We'll see. Last Saturday was seriously one of my favorite days of all time. It was really pretty normal, but we just felt like a real live family, it was so nice. We got up and went to a BodyPump class together at the gym, then went to Mimi's for breakfast, which I've wanted to do ever since we moved to Layton. Then Sawyer had her nap while Matt & I organized the garage, powerwashed all the yard tools, the front porch and the garage floor. We washed the cars and cleaned them out, and vacuumed the house and dusted. We took down the Christmas lights from our house & our neighbors, and it was so much fun! I sound like a nerd, but I just love how well Matt & I work together, we are the best team. When Sawyer woke up we had cheese toast and soup for lunch and took her to the park. Anyway, it was a really nice day. I love my family. And how cute is Sawyer at the park, seriously? Lots of fun.

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Kirsten said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to work together with Dave on projects for the family. It's like I wrote about the's fun to do stuff together. Now I know what my parents were talking about when they would always want to be together as a family. I am so glad you wrote again. I think I really really really really love you a lot and love to witness your life like this. You are amazing and (little whisper voice) I will take so so so many pictures of you at the pageant. I LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!!