Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I found it, I found it HEEEE!

Can you tell me what movie that is from? Land Before Time. That's right, busting out the oldies. But I did find it, my evening gown, that is! I spontaneously picked my mom up today & told her she was coming with me to try on dresses. I have been obsessively looking on the internet at dresses, but I realized I wouldn't have any idea what I liked on myself until I actually tried some on in real life. But first went to see Matt & have lunch with him at his office, and as we were leaving we noticed this weird little building next to his office that said Prom & Pageant Gowns, so we went in against my very judgemental judgement of it's exterior looks. (kinda ghetto) What we found inside was actually a very, very cute little store with a myriad of lovely gowns! At first it looked like they were all poofy skirted promy types, but when I told the nice lady what I was doing & what I was looking for, she started pulling perfectly pageanty dresses out of the woodwork. It was love at first sight when I saw this one. The color looks amazing with my skin & hair color, and it seriously doesn't look cheesy with the added sleeveage/modestness. In the picture we've just kinda tucked the sleeves in kinda like they'll be, but it's going to look so much better when it's all done. Plus, it was so stinking cheap! I had kinda set a $400 budget for a gown, and this one is $250! What a blessing! I learned today how much Heavenly Father takes care of you when you decide to do what he has asked you to. Another nice thing about it is that my mom & I actually had a lot of fun. One good shopping experience together to balance out all of our past bad ones! I love her guts. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

I think you look marvelous darling!! I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns and for listening to your dreams. You are going to win, I can feel it in my bones (did you know your bones can feel?...well, mine can)
:) love you, Kierstin

Kirsten said...

THat's awesome. You look gorgeous morgeous. You are my mrs. utah you little muchie, pickle, pants chicka. I love your guts! Way to go for working on your relationship with your mom, I know it will pay off.