Thursday, March 8, 2007

bubble wrap is cool

I just wanted to post some pictures of what
my girl is doing lately. Look at how big she is, filling up the whole crib and all. She brings me her coats all the time, and wants to put them on, she's quite the little fashionista. And, oh, the wonders of bubblewrap! I forgot how much fun that stuff can be. I'm glad I have a little girl to remind me how cool the world is.


kierstinlaws said...

bubble wrap IS the bomb! the bigger the bubbles, the better, baby! She's so cute with her crazy curly hair :) Just like her mommy! loves, Kierstin

Kirsten said...

She is a little sweetiepants. I love the comment about having a little girl to remind you how cool the world is...isn't that the truth. Kids DO remind you how cool the world is...the simple things are the best. You're awesome and I am glad you are writing again. I love this little Kierstin, Celeste, Kirsten triangle we have going on.