Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Ad Page for the Pageant Book

here is the ad page we've designed for the Pageant book. Matt insisted that I use an old modeling picture. I was hesitant to do that because I didn't want to look like this lady in the book last year who used a 15 year old picture so that she looked younger. This is only 6 years old, but I hope no one asks about it. I am getting really anxious for the pageant, the interview is scary to me, and I'm sure that the opening number is going to put me over the edge. I'm trying to delete the idea that I'm not coordinated from my mind, I'm taking more choreographed classes at the gym to build my confidence, and I'm going to practice the hell out of it once I learn the moves. I am determined to not look like an idiot. No, not just that, I am determined to look really good. Dead on. I really, really want everyone to come support me. Everyone in the world. jk. I have never done many sports, or things that people come to, so I really, really, really want people to come to this one thing, make signs and go nuts. It would mean soooo much to me.


Anonymous said...

Holy beautiful page!!! I love it so much and I think you look the same as you did 6 years ago...just as beautiful! I am so proud of you for sticking this out and giving it your all :) I love your squishy guts! --Kierstin

Thea Ava Martinez said...

Play the laughter, Pause the memories, Stop the pain, Rewind the happiness.
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Shea Kang said...

Everything you an imagine is real. Have a good day! Keep on sharing knowledgable ideas :)