Saturday, April 14, 2007

Family Pictures

Kirsten is the biggest rock star. I wish I was famous so that I could have a bit in my contracts about how she is the only photographer I will work with. Seriously, I showed these pictures to my parents and as soon as they saw them (in comparision to the other pictures we took with them on Monday) they said "oh, now that looks more like you." She just has "the eye", you know? And Sawyer looks like a little gap girl model. What a sweetie. It was really fun to spend time with Kirsten, and then after we took these pictures we went to the Melting Pot with Kirsten & Dave & Jake & Alicia and laughed our butts off, it was soooo much fun. Easter was awesome too, Sawyer picked up on the whole easter egg hunt thing really really quickly, and she loved the one we took her to on Saturday so much that I stayed up till 1 am setting up one for her to do on Sunday morning.

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