Friday, June 29, 2007

Ta da! No Boob cancer!!! Yeah!

Alright, I admit it, I suck at blogging. As much as I enjoy it (when I actually get around to doing it) I really have a hard time coming up with interesting things to write, the time to write and the sassy mindset in which I find that what I write comes out less boring. So today, at the nagging of Kirsten, bless her daily-blogging heart, I will attempt to rededicate myself to this lost part of my life. I actually do have good excuses, my computer being in the hospital and my phone being in the mortuary and the lump in my left breast and a chaotic family reunion and planning an elaborate going away party for Mrs. Utah being the main excuses. Well, I guess I just summed up what I've been up to, huh? That was easy. I guess I'm done. See ya!

Just kidding.

So yeah, lump. About that... I've been pretending that it wasn't there for about oh... eighteen months now. When I first found it, I was nursing, so I figured it was just a clogged duct or something, but then when I quit nursing and it was still there I kept forgetting the protocol on self-exams (is it best before or after your period? when was my last period? oh, wait I don't even really have them anymore because of my IUD) and after all that procrastination, I just realized that it seemed to be getting bigger, and could not be ignored anymore. Went to the doctor Monday, she thought it was probably just "fiberous breast tissue" which my mom has as well, but she wanted me to have and ultrasound on it anyway. So that was yesterday and it's fine, but it was just such a stinking emotional freakout time for me that I am totally drained. I found it better to stay busy and not think about it, and Matt kept telling me that it would be okay, which, while nice, made me want to scratch his eyeballs out for continuously bringing it up. But all is well now, and we did have some lovely conversations about what would happen if I died. I have decided that Matt would have to move to Idaho and pay Jozet and Kristy to raise Sawyer and make sure that he didn't remarry. That's the deal I came up with and since I was the one dying, I get my way!

My parents got their mission call Wednesday, I'm so excited for them, they'll be in the Taiwan Taipei Temple! They are so pumped! What rockstars. They enter the MTC October 15th, but the people taking care of their house need to move in sooner, so they are going to kind of use our guest room as a home base, and just roam around to my other sisters houses and maybe Yellowstone until October. How fun is that? I am actually very excited to have them, but am a bit concerned with what my fridge will look like while they're here. My mom saves seriously every single bit of food. And she doesn't believe in real tupperware, she likes to use old yogurt cups and reused tin foil to store things. She washes out ziplock baggies to use again. I may have to lay the law down about that. I cannot handle clutter, and looking in my fridge and having so much mismatched goolosh will seriously make me break out. My fridge is a scared place, a place where I know what exactly I plan to do with each little bit, and how long it has been in there. I clean it out once a week and wipe down all the shelves at least monthly. Plus, it's pretty, it was the one thing I really wanted, the bottom freezer is genius, and I love it. Moving on....

I am so excited about this girls trip we're taking in September! Alicia has this timeshare and we've got the NICEST hotel lined up down in Phoenix! It will be so stinking nice. I wish I could get my Ki(e)rsti(e)n friends to come with us. I understand why they aren't, but that doesn't mean I can't be pissed about them not coming. boo, whore.
I need to go get ready, I'm going to go help my parents clean their house when Sawyer wakes up. Remind me to write about Matt & I's remake of Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I am laughing now (lol) because I FINALLY saw "mean girls" last weekend and laughed my a-- off the whole entire time. I want to watch it with you and kirsten so we can laugh our a's off together at how bitchy women can seriously get! I love you and your lumpy little self...I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you are okay. Don't do that again, ok? xo-Kierstin p.s. see you on monday at the gym!!! yeah!!