Monday, July 2, 2007

I want an f-ing car!

(sorry for the pseudo-profanity if you don't know that reference.)
So, for Matt's birthday/father's day gift, I arranged a trip to Denver to see John Mayer in concert at Red Rocks, a Colorado Rockies game and plenty of golfing. I got a super cheap fare, and things just escalated, and we were really excited to have a quick getaway with just us. Plus, I love golfing with Matt & we haven't been able to do it since we had Sawyer. When I was pregnant we used to go quite often, I'd drive the cart and we'd just talk and enjoy the beautiful course. Anyway, we had checked in online, and weren't in a big rush to get to the airport, so we went to the gateway and ran some errands on the way. We left the Cruiser in long term parking and took the shuttle over to the terminal and things were fine, our flight left in a little over a half hour and all we had to do was check our bags in and wander up to the gate... plenty of time, right? There weren't any lines, and the lady that we tried to check our bags in with told us we had to go to the check in kiosks first. Okay, whatever, never mind the fact that we checked in online and printed out our boarding passes. However, the kiosk took it's sweet time and in the end told us that it couldn't help us, that we had to go back to the original lady. By the time we got to her again, she told us that it was now 7:18, and we had missed the baggage check-in deadline by three minutes. Never mind the fact that she had just send us on a wild goose chase back at the freaking kiosk, all bags must be checked in no later than a half hour before departure. They would not help us at all. What a freaking joke. Matt went into panic attack mode. Basically that means that he cannot see anything other than the big honkin' peice of sky that he believes is falling directly and without delay upon his head. Amazingly it only lasted a few minutes, he suddenly decided that this was okay, that we weren't for some reason supposed to make that flight, and we figured out what else to do. Since Delta wouldn't let us use the return flight either (what a freaking joke they are, by the way), we decided that rather than pay the billion dollars in gas it would cost to drive my land cruiser, to just rent a car and drive that whole night. has amazing customer service, and a very nice lady switched our rental car around, called our hotel to hold our reservation and didn't charge us any sort of cancellation or penalty or anything. I love Boo Delta, yeah Expedia.
What a gift missing that flight turned out to be. I wanted that trip to be this nice romantic easy weekend, but Heavenly Father had a different plan. He knew we needed to have a hard, bonding experience, on that showed us again why we work so well together and how great a team we are. We talked that entire drive, arrived at like 4am, and had so much stinkin' fun together. It was crazy and stressful and hard and I loved every second of it. It was like one thing after another, first the Delta debaucle, then we got lost, then I knocked Matt's teeth out, then I yelled at little boys in the hallway at the hotel, then we got a contact high at the concert, blah, blah, blah. It was hilarious. On the way home, we got kind of sad thinking that we would be home soon and our adventure would no doubt end. Our daily life would probably not be so chaotic. And we have missed it. Don't get me wrong, life is crazy, but that was nuts. I think that the thing that made this amazing experience really stand out for me though was on Monday evening when Matt came home from work and gave me a big hug and said, "I missed you today." I missed him too, and that feeling was worth all that drama and more.

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