Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Catch-up time

Holy crap, I am finally back into normal life enough from the pageant to even think about blogging. It was a little nutty there for a while. The pageant went better than I could have ever hoped. The whole day went really well, we rehearsed all day, and things just went really smoothly. The little break we had to get ready was totally stressless and fun; I took a second and went outside and listened to some Angels and Airwaves to kinda "get in the zone", and I just felt this amazing feeling of love from my Heavenly Father, like he was proud of me and that this experience would hold a gift for me. Anyway, the day before I had kind of decided that I would be a tad disappointed if I didn't make top ten. But when I didn't, I actually felt NO disappointment what so ever! I was excited for everyone who did, and felt so blessed to be a part of this great group of women. I sat and listened to the top ten do their on stage questions and actually felt really relieved to not be out there. Then when they called us back out for the final awards, I was so freaking shocked to be called up for the Mrs. Congeniality award! I have always thought that one of my weaknesses is meeting new people and coming off as a little snotty until I get to know people better. I'm not generally good at remembering names and making small talk and friends. I remember going to the orientation and giving myself a little pep talk out in the car before I went in that I could do it, I would go out of my way to make people feel comfortable and show an interest and not be self-conscious when I meet all these gorgeous ladies. Anyway, it seems to have worked, I am finally that person who can do that kind of stuff well. I find myself being more pleasant with people that I come in contact with everywhere, I'm not so stuck up. (most of the time at least) Anyway, I hardly realized that change in me until I looked back at the girl that started this pageant, and I feel so changed in so many ways it's hard to put my finger on exactly what has changed. I think that the Mrs. Congeniality award is one of the greatest honors I've ever been given. Then as soon as I got back up to my place on the risers after getting that award, they called my name again for Mrs. Photogenic!!! I hated my head shot so bad that I had pretty much taken myself out of the running for that one. The pageant staff & photographers voted for that one, and Kirsten and her dad were two of the photographers, and the other one couldn't have liked me that much because I didn't use any of the his pictures except for the head shot. Kirsten and Sherwood came up to me after the show and said that they didn't feel right about voting for me, ethically, so I don't know who did vote for me! weird. My sisters Kristy, Mandy & Jozet and her whole family came down from Idaho. Carrie, my parents, aunt Shirleen, Susie, Jen & her mom, Caroline & her friend, Stacey and Kim also all came to support me. It was awesome, I felt so loved. Most of us went to Winger's afterward, and it was so much fun! Apparently as Mrs. Congeniality, I get to plan the going away party for the new Mrs. Utah before she goes to nationals, so that should be fun to get us all together again. I got the judges score cards back, and some of the comments were that I was too young (lacked experience), that they could see my tape-on bra in my swimsuit, and that I lacked confidence in my interview. But those were the only negative things, and my overall standing was twelth. I loved this experience. Not going to do it again, but I loved it! This is a picture of me and the lovely 1st runner up, Laura Dugovic, one of the raddest people I've ever met.

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Kirsten said...

I really have a good taste in my mouth for the pageant again just so you's makes it all right to know that you had the best experience ever is all I would want for you. You were radiant that night and I am so proud of you for going out of your way to be social and being the rock star friend you are. I am so taken back by all of your comments on my blog. It is so nice to be boosted up by such a great friend and to know that you have confidence in me...that's really the best gift you could ever give away to anyone...thanks for giving it to me!! I love you!!!