Wednesday, August 1, 2007

boo for pink eye...and croup...and ear infections

yeah, that's where I've been. Poor little Sawyer. one right after the other. last night I decided to take her to the InstaCare despite the fact that we had just been to see Dr. Knowlton for croup the morning before. I knew she was running a fever, but if you've ever tried to take a toddler's temperature you know how futile that is. By the time we got seen at the "insta"care, her temp was 104! She was such a trooper, playing in the waiting room, having a great old time with her cute daddy, that I was doubting whether I should have brought her in or not, but I am so glad I did. I guess her left ear is pretty stinkin' infected, poor lil thing. She's been so sweet though. I'm working on a really cool cake for Friday, I'm a little worried about matching her colors in fondant, they're pretty specific and so far have been impossible for me to replicate. (ew... I'm watching cribs now just for background noise, and it is RIDICULOUS how much wasted money there is in the world. You could save an entire nation from starvation with what you spend on your own insecurities and vanity, you stupid whores!) Anyway, I have compiled a list of things to do before I die. Some are really stupid, but here they are.
Things to do before I die…
¨ Train for and complete a triathlon (in the spring!)
¨ Stay in an over-water bungalow in Tahiti
¨ Design & build a home with Matt (one that has a great pool)
¨ Write a memoir
¨ Learn to keep a vegetable garden (starting next spring)
¨ Learn another language
¨ Start drawing/painting again (and keep it up)
¨ Learn to enjoy a team sport (and get good at it)
¨ Take our kids on a Disney cruise
¨ Make money as a model (after all those years attempting it, it would be nice to have some cash to show for it)
¨ Go on a good vacation with my sisters
¨ Develop better relationships with Janene & Carrie
¨ Learn to consistently feel the spirit & receive personal revelation
¨ Go on an African safari
¨ Swim with dolphins with my kids
¨ Go to Australia with Matt to see all his mission sites
¨ Take some culinary art classes and learn to do cakes better
¨ Be a good, cool aunt
¨ Be a great parent
¨ Always grow closer and more in love with Matt
¨ Be well read (classics)
¨ See smashing pumpkins in concert (will do in September!)

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kierstin said...

You are so freakin' cool and I love you to itty-bitty pieces. Give Sawyer huggs for me. Sorry you are having to deal with sick sucks. Max has spent the last week in and out of hospitals and dr. offices with severe asthma. Scary, but all taken care of now. he has to be the kid with inhalers for the rest of his life. I want to do some of your "to do" list too...they sound so fun! Call me, I miss you! Love, Kierstin