Sunday, July 15, 2007

family day

Yesterday was so much fun! I went to the gym earlyish and then we took Sawyer up to Grandma Susie's to swim. Sawyer was using a bucket and dumping water out of the kiddie pool onto the edge of the pool, and having a lovely time until she leaned over too far and fell into the pool. I was nearby on the grass laying out, and I think I probably set a new long jump record to get her out. She was fine of course, hardly even startled, but it scared the begebees out of me! Nobody wants to see their child floating face down in the water, not even for a split second. We had a nice lunch at Susie's then everyone settled down for naps. Then while Matt went golfing I took Sawyer, Caroline and her friend to see Ratatouille at the Gateway. Sawyer LOVED it! She hasn't ever stayed that focused in a theater, which probably isn't a good thing at her age. It was really fun though. Today we had Susie over for dinner, I got some recipes for Cafe Rio stuff, and it turned out really yummy. So, yeah, a good weekend. Rossi & I get to go to the Incubus concert on Tuesday, and that's my main excitement this week. Kinda nice not to blog all dramatic-like like I have lately.

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Mandymoo said...

Oh that would scare me completely.. I totally can understand that.