Friday, April 4, 2008

two questions....

#1: Is it really, really, REALLY done?
Crap like this, I mean. I don't want to get my hopes up any more, only to have them dashed to peices by thousands upon thousands of snowflakes. You should see the poor little seedlings on my dining table; growing toward the sunlight.... stretching out to the spring, and sick of their confined little plastic sprouting container. That is much how I feel.

and now question #2: do you LOVE my new bedding or what? That last duvet cover has increasingly started to remind me of a circus tent, and that is not a romantic theme for my marital bed. (not for me at least, there may be some who would argue.) Anyway, it had to go and when I saw the lovebird pillow at Target, I was sold on a trendy yet highly soothing blue/brown color scheme. Matt & I have decided that the soothy-ness cancels out the the trendy-ness.

(oh, also, an added bonus of new bedding & darker draperies- increased napping opportunities when and if I become a tired pregnant person. Jury's still out on that one though.)


markandaubrey said...

We just did our bedroom in blue and brown. I loves those colors! Looks great!

Kierstin said...

I think it's ugly... like your face. (someone has to tell you the truth!!!) Sheesh, why do I always get the dirty work in this relationship?!

hee, hee.... love it and love you.

Emily said...

It looks great!! And I hope your pregers! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

E/S MILLER said...

We think you have good tastes; but who is that little girl in the snow?
We left you with a Sawyer toddler and now look at her.