Sunday, March 30, 2008

weekend update

These are my favorite flowers evah! Stargazer lillies, they smell fantastic, and the mix with the lavender roses was awesome. (it's amazing what a golf-loving husband will do to stay out of the doghouse.) Unfortunatley, I think that Sawyer might be allergic to them though... we'll find out.
Very frightening ex-husband looking man behind my family at the Children's Museum... grrr....he was making me uneasy all day.
Sawyer selecting her baked goods at the child size grocery store. She loved this place! A bit overpriced, it would be worth it during the winter if you had a few kids and bought the annual membership though (& lived closer to SLC).
What a sweetie.
Sawyer & Daddy in the LifeFlight helicopter at Discovery Gateway. (Matt was going to kill this little kid next to him. His patience for other people's kids, especially when they are not being parentally supervised, is muy pequeño. Poor little boy was trying to squeeze in past Matt, there was seriously no room, and I think I overheard him saying "hey, why don't you get out of my face?" In his defense, he had told the kid to wait his turn about eleven times.)
Oh, and also, this morning, Matt & I got callings in the Young Men's & Women's. Yeah, that should be very, very fun, albeit time consuming.


Kierstin said...

The comment about Matt being pissed off at the kid made me laugh... i can so hear him saying that! Yeah for YW/YM! For seven years that is all I have done as a calling (working with the youth) and I know you will be AMAZING for those girls. Who better to look up to than a modest, faithful, kind, stubborn, driven, super model? Love you lots. I am so grateful that you are my friend.

Emily said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait until Bella is old enough to take her there. You are such a cute mom and full of fun ideas.