Saturday, January 9, 2010

Am I gonna be dealing with this his whole life?

My neighbor just came over to visit & we talked about what we were thinking of naming the baby. As she left as refered to him as Abraham. I don't know if she misheard me or what, but ewww. Are people gonna call him Abraham? It's ABRAM. Not Abraham.

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Schmath said...

Totally lame. I know how you feel. Hanne gets called Haney so so often. What an ugly name!

Ashley Thalman said...

Yes, to answer your question, you are going to be dealing it and so is he. I love the name personally:)

tanalicious said...

uh. yes. and it sucks. i've dealt my WHOLE life. i mean, is four letters and two syllables really so hard? it shouldnt be, but it is for some people. just be aware of what you are doing and if you want him to have to deal with it FOREVER!

ps. people call jonas "jonah" all the time. even after i emphasize the 'ssss' sound. idiots.

kelli said...

Hey, I was looking at your blog to show my sister your wedding cakes. They are awesome, but then I read this and had to comment. People think Brinley's name is Brittany all the time. Like I would name my kid after a crazy hooker singer. I am always correcting them It is Brinley. But even with the mistakes I would still name her Brinley if I had her again today.
By the way, when is your baby due? My sister is getting married the end of May and loves your cakes. Could you let me know your prices and if that is even a possibility once you have your little guy.
see ya at the gym

Kierstin said...

umm, yep. Everyone will pronounce it as they see it at first glance. Good luck with that one! I grew up with a name like that but I liked my name so it didn't bother me to correct pretty much EVERY person who tried to say Kierstin Spjut. He'll be freakin' cool no matter what people call him.

Melissa said...

LOL Mate you're preaching to the choir.
Just keep correcting peeps.
I get pissed off but that's the kids name man and peeps gotta respect.

Stefanie said...

LOL!! My little girl's name is Kyndi and everyone calls her Kidney - what?!? Yes, because that is definitely a choice name for a child!! - This isn't Hollywood people!!