Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exhausted doesn't even begin to cut it

Before I left for our trip, I hardly felt pregnant at all. Wasn't sick, sore or too tired. My daily schedule was altered in no way. Gym, errands, lunch, chores, make dinner, eat dinner, bathtime, bedtime, hang out with Matt, dishes, bed. Somewhere along the way in Disney World that all got ripped away from me. I'm sick, exhausted, clumsy, irritable, disorganized, unable to complete menial tasks, and exhausted. Oh, and I'm really tired all.the.time. I feel like I have mono or something. I'll try to clean something and I spill something in the process, making an even bigger mess & reducing me to hysterical, hormonal tears. At least that's how today went. I spent 5 precious child-free hours, not resting like I should have been, but trying in vain to groom our dog. After five hours I had her face, paws & tummy pretty good, but the rest of her body looked as though she had escaped from a leper colony.

Poor little bean. Five hours! I'm not even joking. I hate feeling like this, but the consensus is that in my current state, I can't be expected to bounce right back from going mach 5 dawn to dusk at Disney World for four days straight. My body has even been so kind as to contact some delightfully vague sickness as a plea for me to rest a bit. Grrrrrrr. Body? Have you met me?? It is physically impossible for me to rest if my house is icky or I have shish I need to be doing.
Well, after five futile hours, Matt came home, made dinner (again) & told me to take Sylvie to PetSmart and have them finish her up.

Here are the shockingly non-fluffernutter results.
To summarize: shiddy day, I'm exhausted, my husband is marvelous, please bless tomorrow is better.

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Kierstin said...

I'm sorry pookie... I am hoping tomorrow will be better for you too, that completely sucks to have a discombobulated day and feel like you got NOTHING accomplished but feel like you just cleaned Buckingham Palace... by yourself. Welcome home, I love you, call me if you need anything, k? Sawyer can come and play anytime.

Melissa said...

Silvie looks great man.
I forget how tired you get when you're pregnant.
Hmmmm sorry man.
Tomorrow's a new day right?