Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 3rd Trimester to me!!

Today is the beginning of the last thirteen weeks of life as we know it. Dude sleeps through my workouts & most of the day, but is ridiculously active when I sit down once Sawyer is in bed. I tried to take a video of the earthquake on my belly, but the little son of a gun is camera shy. Speaking of my belly, yesterday my gym-friend Sara asked me when I was due & about choked when I said May. "You're gonna be huge!" she said. It's a good thing I love her to pieces. But she's right, and I know it. These are the 13 weeks where you gain a pound a week. Crap.

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Melissa said...

Nice gym mate!!
How big were you with Sawyer?
Man I carry WAY BIGGER with my boys than my girls.
I hope I have a girl next.

Natalie Murray said...

K you are not even big at all!!!! I am huge!!! HAHA! It was good to see you over the holidays at the gym...good for you for going! I only wish I could but I contract everytime I move so I have to be careful!! Anyway, you look awesome!

the Lola Letters said...

I think you are beautious and perfect. :)