Monday, February 1, 2010

standard poodle up for grabs

so apparently sawyer is lucky enough to be in the 10% of people with dog allergies that are still affected by "hypoallergenic" breeds. I'm about ready to genetically engineer my next child. this freaking sucks. God & I are going to have a long heart-to-heart one day about the purpose of allergies, cuz I can't for the life of me figure it out. So yeah, I feel like an idiot for being so dead-set on having a dog that I convinced myself that she would be okay with a poodle. It's kinda ridiculous. Just as I was really starting to love her.

(except for the amazing Kenneth Cole stilettos she ate last night)

So if anyone knows of someone who needs a potty-trained sweet puppy who is "hypoallergenic" please let me know. Here's the link to the ksl ad.


Melissa said...

You should try one of those house pig pets.
I hear they're great. And if it works out for you guys then I might get one once we're back in our house.
Sorry it didn't work out.

the Lola Letters said...

Oh, I am a nut bag and totally want her! It's okay to have three dogs if one of them doesn't SHED to high heaven...right? RI-ght?

Jessica Kettle said...

ugh. that SUCKS. Danny feels her pain. i guess sawyer and max will grow up dogless together. boo.

Jessica Kettle said...

p.s. does this mean your mom and dad are not up for ownership? double boo.

Celeste said...

Jess I bet if they didn't feel compelled to serve a mission every few months they'd take her. In fact they have her while we try to find a new home. They're going to be twinkled any minute here.
Lola- you are certifiable. I adore you, let's have a cheesecake factory second trimester celebration for you soon! Jess you're invited too!
Melissa-I was actually waiting for you guys to be the guinea pigs on that one. Let me know how it goes. For now I think we're just gonna stick with a season pass to the zoo for our animal fix. :(