Saturday, February 27, 2010

Before I go & do something rash...

...I thought I'd better run this idea by people who aren't possessed by an unreasonable, hormonal pregnant brain. I'm thinking of painting all our nursery furniture black. There's a nice bit of black running through all his nursery fabric as well as in the flooring...but is that going to foreordain our little Bam-Bam to become the moody goth kid on stage crew?
Here are some pictures of what we're working with:

Changing table


Rocker, blanket & boppy (and yes, I am a rather impressed with myself for sewing that boppy cover sans pattern. Actually I've sewn everything in here without a pattern, the changing pad cover, crib skirt & fitted sheets. Yay me! But the boppy cover involved a zipper & it turned out really really well.)

And here's a lame view of the crib skirt. I hated it when I'd change the crib sheet & the skirt would get all screwed up, so I just made the little skirt part without the deck & Velcro-ed it onto the sides of the platform. Sometimes I even amaze myself. (except for the fact that those bubbles really ought to be going vertically instead of horizontally. And yes, I'm too lazy to fix it.)

Dresser & mirror.

The flooring. It's not as red as it looks in this picture. I think the black would look particularly nice with the flooring.

Then there's this super cool quote we'll be hanging up with a black frame & font. (p.s. I adore this shop, I bought like 18 of my Christmas presents from there, so check it out.)

And here's the crib. This is how the whole thing started. The nasty thing needs to be repainted & painting is my own personal circle of hell, so I think it's kinda pointless to take off white paint only to put more white paint on, soooo....that's where I'm at. Would the black be too much for a baby's room? I've googled some pics of other nurseries with black furniture & I think it would be awesome. The rest of the room is so light. There's one more fabric involved; there's the goldfish, the bubbles & then an orangish-red graphic fan pattern with a white background. It all goes really well together without being too matchy-matchy. So what do y'all think? Paint it black? Some of it? Just the crib? Repainting is not an option, so I have to choose very carefully. What do you think?


Melissa said...

Yeah as long as you don't paint the walls black it should be all good right?
I mean your not having black EVERYTHING. Just have bright accents and it'll be all good.
I think if you finish it all with that faded look too the black won't be so harsh.
I look forward to see it.
Well done on all the sewing as well.
Very talented.

Schmath said...

Go for it! Our nursery furniture is black, and Hanne hasn't turned goth yet. You could do one of the pieces green or some other accent color if you think it's going to be too much black. You can always paint it all white again for the next kid if you hate it.

the Lola Letters said...

I love black in nurseries! I actually am pretty sure that, Boy OR girl my nursery furniture will be black.

Love it!

Yeah, as an accent color (not an "entire wall color") it is nothing short of divine.

You have my full support!

Kim said...

I also vote for black. I'm 100% confident that it will look amazing. And I love the bedding!

Lynette said...

Yes! Paint the furniture black. It's a classic color that is really coming back into style. Wow, I say that like I know the current style...I think it would look great!

Sparks said...

Oooh! Thanks for complimenting my work. I'm so glad you like my prints!

Kierstin said...

No, I say paint it fluorescent green. It would be very calming, classic, and timeless.

Kierstin said...

BTW, the abnormal amount of kicking is totally NORMAL for a boy, boys are spazy... hee, hee. Good luck with that. xo

Blair and Lyndsay said...

I think black. It would look really great in the room.

AndersonFamily said...

i really like the black idea!! I think it fits well!! I want to see the finished product!! It will be awesome!