Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quit being so lazy already, Celeste

I have tons of stuff i need to blog about; sawyer's ballet recital, an amazing baby shower, my sister is getting married Saturday (after a two minute engagement), my right hand is nearing completely useless proportions due to pregnancy induced carpal tunnel....delightful for making cakes, let me tell ya. Anyway, by the time I have a chance to sit down & blog, I'm tired & just want to sit & rot my brain with biggest loser, parenthood (LOVE), and American Idol.
And now guess what. I can't even remember what I was going to even say!
OHH wait, yes I do!
I'm trying to fill in gaps in baby's wardrobe, and am realizing that I have NO idea how to dress a summer baby, let alone a boy. And guess what else? I pretty much hate everything in nearly every store I go into. Puppies, trucks, tools & bears? Seriously? Those are my options? So yeah, what do I need for a little dude who is going to spend his first few months in a sling of some sort (need suggestions here as well) going to Grandma Susie's pool & the zoo with his big sister?

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Lynette said...

Gymboree usually has more non-truck/puppy options. Carter's is a good option too. At least I think, I don't pay too much attention to the boy stuff.

I've heard the Moby Wrap is a good sling/carrier for babies.

Oh and I love Parenthood too! Such a good show.

Kierstin said...

OId Navy all the way baby. They have adorable 'little guy' clothes with out all of the frufie/character crap that most children's clothing stores have. Onesie, comfy shorts, and a little brimmed hat should take care of the little fellah... comfort overrides style in the hot summer months for these little ones.

Kierstin said...

by brimmed, I mean a soft baby basebball cap... get the vision of a huge sun hat out of your mind, that's not what I meant.

tanalicious said...

its gonna be hot.. so, onesies with applique. easy to make.

old navy is always a good bet.

and a good ball cap as mentioned above.

the moby wrap is good as well. i have a sling.

Blair and Lyndsay said...

I love crazy 8. I haven't really looked at boy things, but I bet there are some cute things for them!