Thursday, December 23, 2010

I love me a good impulse buy

so, a few months ago I woke up & started my daily ritual of laying in bed reading scriptures, checking email & stalking blogs (not necessarily in that order. although that's what I aim for). when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a screaming deal on a silhouette digital cutter machine thing-a-gigger. I never knew they existed before this day, nor did I think I needed something like that prior, but it just looked too cool to pass up, and I had a bunch of cake money just sitting in my bank account. so i bought it. before i even got out of bed that day I had spent over $200. not too shabby.

and i have zero buyer's remorse. the thing is fully awwwesome (you have to say this like Rhino on Bolt).

last night i cut out a bunch of cute little cards to go with our neighbor gifts, little chubs of raw cookie dough for people to bake once the holiday junk food rush has subsided. they turned out so cute! I did four to a page, and how cool was it that instead of cutting them all out, I just had the silhouette perforate them so that I could just tear them apart?

Answer- super freaking's a bad picture, but I like how they turned out. another thing I did last night at 1 am was make a little vinyl reminder of my new dietary guidelines. I read this in a Women's Health article. It was all technical and scientific & written by a bunch of fancy nutritionists, but the last sentence was what I'm taking from it. This guy said "I think the best nutritional advice I've ever given was just seven words: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants." I love it, so that's what went up on my wall. It's kinda cheeky and the vinyl is slightly crooked, but whatever.
The next thing I want to do with it is something with this cute saying from this darling cake plate I saw a Hip & Humble yesterday. (I swear you could not go into that store & spit without hitting something I want.)

anyway, it's been fun having a new toy. I need to try cutting out fabric with it. If it works, making those cute little applique onsies will become ridiculously easy.

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tanalicious said...

booo. i'm so jealous. i want a cutter so bad, but i have like a bazillion other things higher on my list. so use it up for me. just cut stuff and throw it away.. ;)

ps.. do you have any good recipes or hints for using wheat flour in cakes? i wanna make a whole wheat white/yellow cake, but the last time i tried, it was a disaster..!