Thursday, December 16, 2010


since like August I've been scheming to redo Sawyer's bathroom. It was quite blah before, but now, after months of procrastinating & half-a**ing, it's a complete nightmare! I am so annoyed. I was trying to copy the marvelous girl's bathroom at House of Smiths, since our bathrooms are exactly the same I thought it would be a walk in the park. I forgot to factor in the fact that Cason & Shelley have clearly done a fair bit more DIYing that Matt & I. What a big freaking joke. Although I am a fan of the framed mirror. See their tutorial here. It was super easy, besides the 45 degree cuts, I did it all myself. Please forgive the disgusting state of the bathroom. I'd say it's not usually like this, but it is.
k, then I tried to do this, and ended up with this: My wrists still hurt from holding the trim up while the liquid nails dried. I was planning to make a cute design on my Silhouette machine to put inside those little rectangles, but is it even worth the trouble? I'm not a fan of the "botany beige" that I used because it's what I had gallons upon gallons of. The green really pops next to white. Beige... not so much. But I don't want to repaint everything.
It turns out that the wall in question is kinda bowed. Gooooo Ivory Homes! And then my dear sweet husband came along & tried to help & we got stuck with this: Bless his heart, but I surely didn't marry him for his mad handyman skills. Anyway, I'm frustrated. That crack was the last straw for me & now I'm not sure how to proceed. I just kinda cleaned it up & put away the caulk & putty & paint. I had made these darling ruffled towels, but it turns out that the towels I bought suck & every time I dry my hands on them my wedding ring pulls a six inch snag out of the towel. lovely. See? But the ruffles are cute, right? The only thing about the bathroom that I'm actually liking is the darling super soft bathrobe I made for Sawyer. Yes I made it. I am a sewer....I mean seamstress.
Basically I wish that some masked man would come in & take it all out & put up this wallpaper & these hooks (how darling would it be to put in a pic of Sawyer & one of Abes? maybe just their bums....hehehe) & this cabinet & countertop. (for the mere price of $1900 it can be yours! Gee, thanks Pottery Barn!) ok. well I'm sick of talking about this.
But seriously, what should I do? Is it as bad as I think it is? Anyone know a good dude who would love to come & mock me to scorn as he fixes up the crap I've done?


Melissa said...

Dru said "If it's secure it can be fixed with putty paint and spackel? no problem"
So your good to go.

Schmath said...

This reminds me of when Ryan was remodeling our house, and if his brothers came to help, he wouldn't let them do any detail work. Even if one of them sanded a spot, Ry would go back over it later. He said they were good at laying sod, but not at anything with detail.