Thursday, October 20, 2011


so there's this house... it's fully awesome. Here's the backyard.
I want it. We snuck in last night & now so does everyone else. It needs work, but the bones & yard & location are all perfection. The kind of work it needs is the exact kind of work I'd WANT to put into a house anyway, to make it ours, you know. I want it bad. But it's a short sale & last night somebody put an offer on it. So. What do we do? Our house should close in the next week or so. Should we put an offer of our own in? I hate that we'd have to wait so long to find out if either of them were accepted. I'm sick to death of waiting for things, of being in limbo. I've felt like this since July. I don't know if I could hack three more months....
In other news, I'm not the only one who loves it here in Vegas. We've been playing outside much more than we did in Layton, the weather is just glorious! These kids of ours are having a great time with the fenced backyard/dirt pile. Sawyer is a fan of having her picture taken. She makes up poses & faces & sets up each shot, tells me where to stand & when to take each picture. She's hilarious. Abram always wants in too.

We have a very friendly cat next door, Abram was being so so very gentle with it, we've really been working on that with him & I was so proud.

Look at those fat little hands! Ohhhh I just wanna gobble them up!
It was a great day despite the burned pumpkin bread, and the missing sewing machine cord. I love my family.

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