Friday, October 28, 2011

It's tired here

Tonight (as with most nights) Matt attempted to hang out with me until his exhaustion overcame him.

Looking at houses online must bore him. Its starting to bore me. Actually, bore is the wrong word, frustrate the hell out of me is what it's really starting to do. We have a very specific area we want to buy in and we want a pool. Pretty much we are flexible on everything else, but apparently you have to know someone, the right someone, to get into a house there. The second something is listed, there's an offer on it. It doesn't help that our stupid freaking house hasn't officially closed yet, so we aren't in a position to be slapping down any offers of our own. It should close any day, but I'm getting a wee bit antsy. I'm sick of being in limbo. The kids & Cyd & I ran up to Davis county real quick this week to clean out the last few bits the stupid movers left behind (thanks, guys). It was good to see my friends & some family real quick, but I gotta say, it really didn't feel like "going home". Seeing the Stratosphere looming in the hazy distance felt more like coming home. Probably because my baby was there, but also because apparently I am a warm weather chic. I'm off the meds & more content than have been in a long time. Me likey.

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