Tuesday, December 20, 2011

San Diego with Kierstin!!

Meet Kierstin. She's fully awesome. So awesome in fact that she and I took a trip (BY OURSELVES!!!) to San Diego. Yes, it was in September, yes I am just now posting about it. It took me that long to get over the awesomeness that was this trip. We have been friends since junior high. Maybe that's why we still act like we are in junior high. The trip was originally going to be to New York, but there was this whole hurricane thing going on and the subway was supposedly going to be shut down the whole time we were there, so we rerouted. The hurricane wasn't nearly as bad as they anticipated, thank goodness, I can't say I'm sad about the change of plans though. We are both beach girls all the way.

We spent three nights on Coronado Island at the Marriott Resort (beautiful!!) and then two nights across the bay in San Deigo at the Marquis.

On Coronado Island we spent lots of time at the beach, particularly this one at the Hotel del Coronado, where Patrick Swayze was working as a dance instructor. We had a lovely time learning how to do lifts over his head and whatnot.

We also did a few hours of surf camp. It was a complete joke. I suck at surfing. However it will not dissuade me from throwing a lot of money at the problem and going to a week long girls only surf camp in Costa Rica with awesome friends in the near future. Oh, it's happening.
We brought our special friend along with us everywhere. He represented our other Kirsten who couldn't make the trip and we missed her dearly. Homeboy is even worse at surfing than me.
We hired a private surf instructor from Coronado Surfing Academy, he was way cute and fun and I totally recommend them to anyone, it wasn't really even that spendy. But it was cold.
At the Marquis we we on like the 14th floor which was awesome, for me at least. Kierstin could barely step out onto the deck. The view was awesome though.  Slightly less awesome was the fact that the hotel was fully occupied by the Narcotics Anonymous Convention.  Yup, two little Mormon Utah moms surrounded by recovering Narcaholics and felons.  They were kind of awesome though, it was like being surrounded by Born Agains.  

Both properties were so stinking beautiful and well kept up.

This view though... not so beautiful. I love Kierstin. She's like a mix between Martha Stewart and Jillian Michaels and a Swedish supermodel, but is the biggest goober you'll ever meet. She was a perfect traveling companion, we rented bikes on Coronado & just biked everywhere. Get up, work out, get ready, bike, bike, bike, shop, beach, beach, beach, shop, eat ammmmaaaazzzing food, sleep. Repeat.

Amazing food like fish tacos.

and cupcakes. yeah, we pounded all of these in like 20 minutes. Don't judge.

They were awesome. You'd have done the same. The food was so awesome that I created an entire album on facebook dedicated to the food from this trip. I look at it fondly quite often.

One super cool place we stumbled upon was called Sinfullicious, or something like that. It was a customize your own bath products bar, such a cool idea. You pick the product,

the scent, the color, everything is totally custom & natural. It was so fun designing a signature scent. Mine was a combo of fig, warm vanilla sugar and hawaiian rain. Delish!

Then they mix it up for you right in front of your eyes. So fun!
And there ya go. So go to San Diego. Leave your kids. Leave the hubs. Find a girlfriend who rocks and listen to her funny stories. Tell her your funny stories. Make up new funny stories together. Then go home and be a better mom because you took time out. If that's not your style, I'm sorry, it was so awesome. Thank you Kierstin!!!!
Now about that New York trip...
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Kierstin said...

I love it! This was the best trip and I'm SO proud of us for planning AND executing a girls trip! Yay us! Love you and hope to go on another trip sooner than later ;)