Thursday, December 8, 2011

an unupdatey update

oi. it's been a minute, eh? here's a brief synopsis of the recent goings on.

-we like vegas.
-matt's job is good.  exhausting & long, but good.
-we need friends.  our current neighborhood is considerably less awesome than our old one in Layton.  there is missing going on. 
-we really want to get this house that we put an offer in on a couple of weeks ago.  but it's a short sale, so it's a big long waiting game.  it's lovely.  please keep your fingers crossed. 
-i like my kids.  Sawyer & Abram get along so well, I feel very blessed.
-i love, double LOOOOVE my new gym.  performax can go suck eggs. Ann Road 24 hour is blowing my mind with awesomeness.  for the same price. with a outdoor pool, a sauna, a hot tub, a steam room and all of it clean.  with classes (I'm such a Zumba addict right now) that murderize performax's.
-i'm off sugar.  and bread.  meats & veggies for me right now & it's doing me right.  i didn't' realize how much of a sugar addict i've become.  which for me is motivation enough to kick it.  I don't want to ever be addicted to anything.  Ever.  So I've channeled all my disdain for smokers into kicking my sugar habit.  working like a charm.
-we sold my lexus.  well, steven did.  matt's brother steve has been such a sweetheart to us lately.  don't tell, but he's really not as big an Ahole as he'd like you to think.  the lexus wanted to drive around in the snow & I was all "well, i'm not going to be doing that anymore" and she's all "well then sell me, my 4wheel drive is being squandered down here." So I was like "fine! I will! have fun in the snow, you beautiful beautiful automobile you!"  and that was the end of that.  at the moment I'm driving the avalon, but we are selling that too, it's not to hot of a mom car, and buying probably a Honda Element. 

I'm sick of my random thoughts and poor capitalization.  I'm sure Stacey is too, if she, or anyone, reads this anymore.
off to bed with me then!


Schmath said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Naw, I don't mind the lack of caps on your blog. But it's nice that you capitalized the important words (like my name.) Haha. Is it really possible to not be addicted to anything ever? I think I've always been addicted to something. Right now it's knitting. Before that maybe blogging? At some point, it was texting. Practicing. Mexican food. Internet. Reading. I guess I'm pretty obsessive about stuff. I find that I can replace my unhealthy addictions with healthy ones, but I can't just not be addicted to stuff.

Melissa said...

Yeah I agree with Schmath with the addiction stuff.
I know I'm an addict so I just curb it to more 'healthier' ones.
So does this mean if we come to Vegas we have a place to stay?

Rachelle said...

dear Celeste! uh, this was funny. can't believe you are in vegas!!

come to cali and visit britt and i soon. :)