Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cabin trip with the Willams' & Cellas!

We were able to go on kind of a last minute trip up to the cabin over Conference Weekend this October with our good buddies the Williams' and the Cellas, some of the people who occupy the majority of my missing now that we've moved to Vegas. Annetta and Angie have been like sisters to me in Layton. You know those kind of friends that you can count on to do just about anything anytime and they'll do it with a smile? Those kind of friends are awesome.

Also awesome is the view from the cabin in the fall. It's totally one of my favorite places to be. Even my parents came up, we had so much fun all together.

Dad & Abes

Sawyer practicing her high fashion, high attitude pose.

They're here! They're here!!! Matt was down in Vegas doing his final interview with Goode Surgical for the first part of this trip.

Abes on his first hike. It was so much fun to have my friends & their sweet kids there.

Max even let Sawyer use his blankie while we were hiking. That's love.
He is such a sweet boy.  The sweetest, craziest, you never know what he's going to destroy next boy.
I seriously love these kiddos. sorry about the poor orientation on this'n Davis.

Abram loves him some Jenna!

It's so pretty up there.

Sawyer would probably be a better hiker if her mother dressed her properly.
Two of probably the best people on the planet
there were so many beautiful wildflowers, we couldn't resist picking a few.  Then we got down to the base of the trail and there was a ranger who read us the riot act (nicely) about not messing with the delicate ecosystem.  ooops.  totally busted. 
Posted by PicasaWhen Matt finally got there he had great news! He got the job in Vegas! It was so cool to come full circle at the cabin.  This whole hairbrained idea to change careers & move started on a cabin trip at the Oakley rodeo in July.  It wrapped up (kinda) in October at the cabin over conference.  Kinda cool the way things  work.

 Abram discovered the fun that is grandma's lipstick. Sorry mom.
 It was Bella's birthday, we all love her so much & it was fun to be able to be with her.
 Abram was constantly playing outside, I love that it was still warm enough to leave doors open & breathe in the fresh, mountain air.
 watching conference.  i love that angie girl.  she was working on homework for her masters program all weekend. (masters program! with four kids! she's amazing.)

See Davis right there? One of my favorite kids on the entire planet.  Homeboy is the reason Sawyer isn't afraid of boys anymore after being exposed to too many crazy boys at the gym & preschool.  He is such a sweetheart.
Well, that's the end of that.  It was way fun & I'm so blessed to be able to go to such a beautiful cabin and take my amazing friends with.

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