Monday, May 7, 2007

Great Googley Moogley!

I cannot believe how busy and crazy things have been lately! It's my own fault of course, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. A few weeks ago some friends from Matt's mission visited us from Austrailia, it was so much fun to have them, they are the best house guests, they seriously have it down to a science, and they are pretty cool as well! We had a lot of fun with them, their kids are so cute as well. Charlie really liked them too! We talked for a few days about going to see them over there in the spring, but a 13 hour flight with a 2 year old sounds pretty retched, and we'd like to be able to spend at least a few weeks if we're going to go that far. Then, Kirsten and I threw Alicia a baby shower last Friday with all the pageant ladies. Of course I felt obligated to make it a big fancy chocolate fountain and cheese fondue affair, so the food was kinda expensive and high maintainence, but other than that we kept it really simple. Then on Saturday we learned the choreography and walking patterns for the pageant, and while I don't think I was the least coordinated person there, I certainly need to practice the dancing portion ALOT! Anyway, I guess after most people left, Alicia (bless her heart) started hemoragging and her water broke somewhere in that whole process (at 29 weeks!) and now she's at the hospital on bed rest until they decide to C-section her after she's at least 32 weeks. I wish I knew what to do for her, it just sucks soooo bad. My pregnancy was so easy that I don't even know how to deal with complicated ones, she has placentia previa too. That would be so scary. I can't help but feel somewhat guilty about being a part of the pageant, because I think we've worked her too hard or something! Anyway, this Friday is Matt's birthday as well, and I'm trying to throw him a surprise BBQ party, but he is not making it easy for me, he keeps changing his mind about what he wants to do and I need him to not come home until like 6:30 or 7:00, and who knows what he'll actually do, and people are not RSVPing or offering to bring things. Which I didn't ask them to do, but it's looking like it'll get pretty expensive really quick. Then next Friday is the pageant. Holy cow. Then the weekend after that is Memorial Day and we are either going to St. George or the cabin. And then it's June and where the heck did spring go? In June Matt will finally get his birthday present, a trip to Denver over Father's day weekend complete with golf, spa, an MLB game and John Mayer concert. I'm sooo excited for that! Then in August, for my birthday Matt has organized a trip to the final 311 show of that tour in Seattle on my Bday, we'll fly in to Portland and rent a car, drive to Seattle and hang out there for 4 or 5 days. Susie and Sawyer are coming with us on that one, and I am soo excited to do that! We went to Washington last summer, but totally the wrong part and it was too much driving and we are making up for it on this trip. Anyway, lots of fun, busy stuff, I haven't really had anytime to thing deep, bloggable thoughts, so I guess I'll do that at a later date.

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Anonymous said...

Hey pageant queenie-weenie! I feel like I haven't seen or talked to you for the longest time. I miss you! I love hearing that someone else is havings a crazy/fun summer too. I got my pageant tickets in the mail last week and Reed is coming with me for our date night :) I am super stoked to see you shine up will be the most beautiful BY FAR! Call me and we'll go to the park or have a lunch fun-time at my house and enjoy the awesome weather. i love you tons. xx-Kierstin-xx