Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fun things Sawyer is doing lately

Here's a few little Sawyer-isms as of late, stories I can't help but tell people because, I'm sorry, but she's just so stinkin' cute!
- while I was at enrichment last night, Matt said she pulled all three of her little kid sized chairs out into the front room around the coffee table and then brought out Pooh Bear, Elmo and her enflatable Lion and put them in the chairs. She went around and folded all of their arms and said "prayers" before they "ate". She's such a little silly goose.
- as sacrament meeting is winding down each week, she starts saying "bubbles?" meaning she's ready to go to nursery, then she pulls me down the hall and up the stairs to nursery. Once she gets settled with a toy, she turns to me and waves bye-bye.
- we went up to the outlets at Park City yesterday, BCBG was having a HUGE sale, oh my goodness, I loved it. Anyway, she loved trying on all the beautiful heels and picking out a different purse every few minutes. The sales people were eating out of her hand. She found all these bikini tops and put them around her neck, and would strut around like she was so grown up! It was hilarious!
- monday night when we were having scriptures with her little picture scriptures, she grabbed her teddy bear and held him on her lap and would repeat what we were saying to her, to her bear. She would point at the picture and then look at the bear and go "Jesus." It was so sweet. Her little soul is so sweet and open to the gospel, she just seems to want to pray and understands somehow that this is very important. She must be able to feel the Spirit at this point already. I LOVE IT!

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Kirsten said...

What a little dolly. I LOVE HER I LOVE HER!!! I can't wait to have a little girl. I want to go buy myself some Littlest Pet Shop toys to play with ;) This generation is amazing. They are going to have to be don't you think? You are such a great mommy...keep it up!!!