Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This year I kinda had to decide the things that were important or not, what with two very intensive cakes this month, and Christmas cards came out on bottom, among other things like keeping my house clean, eating right and apparently picking a good present for Matt. Christmas was very fun, we had a really nice Christmas Eve dinner and games at Steven & Jen's. Sawyer LOVES playing with Madelyn & Olivia & Henry, I'm excited that they agreed to take her in March while Matt & I go to 311 day. One highlight for me was giving Jennifer her gift, I knew she would like it, it was this Pottery Barn card/picture holder/wall hanging thing that she had shown me online a few months ago, but she literally SCREAMED when she saw what it was. That's the kind of reaction that I like to get! Then we went home, opened our pjs, put Sawyer down and played Santa (and Santa's helper ;)) which was pretty easy because we had already wrapped everything so we just had to assemble Sawyer's trike and clean the house. We had so much fun watching Sawyer open all her gifts, it went pretty slowly because she had to play with everything as soon as it was open. Grandma Susie had a big party as well, it was really fun, I love how she always does a slideshow with all the pictures of fun stuff we did as a family that year. Matt totally pimped my ride. For Christmas, he somehow wrangled Ryan into fixing all the little qwerks about my car, installed a remote starter and put a bumpin' subwoofer in! So now Sawyer can watch & listen to a DVD with her fancy wireless headphones and I can turn up my fancy pants stereo as loud as I want! Yeah!!! He has given me the gift of music again!! I used to relish any excuse to drive around in my car by myself so that I could turn my music up louder than I would with Sawyer. He also gave me lots of bath & body stuff, and a heart rate monitor watch and ipod armband and nice earbuds and stuff to workout with. I was really excited to give him an HD DVD player, especially since ours crapped out a week before Christmas, and he loves his HD, but apparently that love really doesn't extend outside the realm of sports. And he thinks that HD will go extinct once BlueRay becomes more affordable. Technology is such a joke, you can never really catch up. Anyway, Saturday we are going to the cabin for new years and I'm really excited to do that!


Kirsten said...

That was the cutest video ever, one of my favorite parts was hearing Matt laugh, and have so much fun with his little girl, what a daddy.

Ashley said...

So I have pretty much decided I miss seeing you guys everyday... why in the crap did you let saywer grow up so much??? :-( sad... I haven't forgotten about you guys though... and you are STILL making my cake... like it or not :-)

CelesteDavis said...

Ashley! I miss you! I'm hoping you come back & find this message! How are you? The daycare at Gold's has totally tanked without you, come back! I am totally making your cake, you dork! How are the plans coming, do you have a date yet? I need to go see you at Maceys.