Friday, December 21, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

I cannot tell you how glad I am to be in this new ward. Our last one was great, but it kinda felt like high school all over again. It was too social and fun, but kinda competitive, I always wanted to get all gussied up for church and have the cutest outfit. Gay, huh? But this ward is more diverse age-wise and everyone is so supportive and sincerely caring and nice. No cliques or anything, I love it. Matt & I are on the activities committee together, and I also got called to be the Relief Society "luncheon specialist" (whatever that means). Our big ward Christmas party was last Saturday, we had a great turnout and everyone helped bring food and setup and clean up and seemed to have a great time. Sawyer waited patiently in line to meet Santa (by patiently I mean played hide and seek in the curtains on the stage) and while we waited I tried to get her all pumped up to sit on his lap and tell him she wanted a Dora scooter and ponies for Christmas, but when the moment of truth arrived, she would only sit on my lap on the arm of the chair. It wasn't so much that she was afraid of him, she talked to him just fine, and anyone with c a n d y is a friend of Sawyer's. So yeah, it was great. Tuesday I had a wedding cake, one of my favorites, for a girl in our old ward, it turned out really great. Wednesday we did our annual MDC Christmas party. This year we accidentally went to a way too expensive restaurant, we usually just have it at someone's house, but no one volunteered really, and it sounded like less stress, but I really would rather not do it that way again. We didn't get to talk as much, or be all spazzy. Next year, it's gotta be on a weekend, so that not everyone has to rush off to get babysitters home, and definitely at someone's house. Tonight we are having another party with Matt's high school friends at Susie's. She'll be out of town, so we are going to sleep over and take care of Zoey too. So anyway, now I'm going to go make some truffles for our neighbors. There ya go.

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