Thursday, December 6, 2007

recent pictures...

...that I am not going to take the time to blog about right now. But it's better than nothing, right? Helping Momma make cupcakes
Helping Charlie clean up the floor under the table.
Yummy snowflakes!
We got dumped on last Saturday, it was such a pretty storm & we couldn't wait to get Sawyer out in it to build a snowman.

My snowangel!

Sawyer looks a little weird, but Matt is such a hottie all the time & I don't put nearly enough pictures of him on here. You know what Sawyer says when she sees Matt from a distance? "Daddy, Fun." That's just the kind of Dad he is. I've been noticing him lately, how creative he is with her is something that I love to watch, but I'm also so envious. I need to learn from him to not take things so seriously & remember to have fun with Sawyer.

Because just look at how fun she is. She's just the most joyful child I've ever known.

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