Friday, June 20, 2008

Carlie is my best friend, huh, mom?

Sawyer can't seem to get the 'ch' sound, so Charlie's name comes out exactly like her cousins name Kari, so when she said this earlier this week without having hung out with Kari recently, I was a bit confused, until I realized she was talking about the dog. I love this picture because I finally caught this precious daily occurence on camera. They are so sweet together, it makes me so excited to see how Sawyer will bond with a sibling. We got so lucky with Charlie, she is such a gentle giant, honestly the funnest dog I've ever, ever had.


E/S MILLER said...

What a choice picture!!! We are not convinced that Charlie is real happy about the situation. Sawyer is turning into a little girl; she is growing up without us. DARN
But what a kind patient dog for her to grow up with. Your blog is so much fun for us.
We love you.

Melissa said...

Man that's a really good pic of the two of them. Charlie really is the coolest dog. She's very friendly. I'm sure Sawyer will be great with a new sibling.
So is this an announcement?