Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I am an awful daughter. I will just get that out there right off the bat. Something in the back of my head, some far away part that wasn't completely taken over by stressed out thoughts about Melissa's cake this week, some part of me thinks that since my dad is far, far away, and shipping costs to Taiwan are ridiculous, I am only obligated to send a card or something. But, did I even get that done? Nope, no card in the mail at all. And I know that is something my cute dad would really appreciate; he's a sucker for a heart-felt note. (who isn't?) I feel awful that I didn't even get that done in time. I know that an awesome wedding cake is no excuse, but it does make me feel better that Matt's father's day was pretty "mailed in" too. The thing is that my dad is such a self-depreciating guy that he deserves all the appreciation I can give him. He has really done an amazing job of teaching me how to do better and be better. As a kid, anytime he & I would have a bit of a scuffle over silly things I cannot now remember, no matter what, regardless of how in the wrong I was, he would always be the one to come into my room (very hostile territory sometimes) and apologize to me. At the time, I remember thinking that his apologies were always followed by a "but..." and it really bugged me. I realize now that he knew how important it was for him to initiate the kiss & make up part of a fight, but he loved me enough to make sure that I knew that whatever we had fought about was important. That it was important for me to be obedient and make good choices. I've made some pretty dumb choices anyway though. I have always been the type who must make her own mistakes. Learning from other people's mistakes has only recently entered my realm of possibility. And through it all, my dad has been there quietly on the sidelines never saying "I told you so" but only believing, knowing that I could figure things out and that I would be better for it. He has patiently put up with my "champagne taste on a beer budget" (his words, not mine) supported me physically as well as spiritually and has always had time for me. I have never, not once felt like my dad would rather be doing something else. I have never, not once felt like my dad didn't have time for me. He gave me my first cookbook, brushed my hair gently & patiently every Sunday, and has worthily given me father's blessings every time I've requested one. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have had him as my father, friend & example. And as my daughter's grandpa, because he is the greatest grandpa I've ever seen! I am so proud of him for going on not only one, but now two very, very foreign missions, and being the eternal companion of my also amazing mother.
I love you, Dad!


Melissa said...

Oh that's so beautiful.
I gotta just comment on that hair of yours though.
Was it the wind or was that the style?

The Neilson Family said...

Gotta love the 80s! One question I had when I saw this pic was who is holding Sawyer?! Man, she's totally your daughter. She's definitely going to grow up to be just like her fun! AMAZING cake, by the way. You are so talented...AND PATIENT! You can tell there was planning in where each little flower went and how it is positioned. Brilliant!

E/S MILLER said...

Celeste Thank You for the Fathers Day note. Childhood memories can be very revealing. I think you and I had and still have a unique relationship.
I love you, Dad