Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lovely things in my life

I've been forgetting to do my 3 things of gratitude on each post. Ooops.

1- the faith that the Lord has in me. It is obvious that He thinks I'll either succeed or learn from these things in my life, and who else's opinion matters?

2- Looney Tunes. Best purchase in a long time is a DVD for Sawyer, she pretty much was enthralled by it all day yesterday while I got an obscene amount of baking done. I almost feel like scanning in my to do list from yesterday with EVERYTHING crossed off. It was miraculous & partially due to the voice talents of Mel Blanc.

3- ebay. Got the beautiful Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book that I have been LUSTING after for HALF OFF!!! yeah! Now if only they would send it already! Enough time wasted on blogging, must go make tangerine fondant.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I just had a look at your cakes blog and all I can say is that I totally underestimated you.
You are SO GOOD. Man who knew? You I guess and all those peeps who you made cakes for. No wonder you're so busy. Reasonable price and BRILLIANT cakes. Ok well I'm on your fan list now and whoever I know is getting married I'm gonna say "Got any thoughts for your cake? cause I know someone"
You're amazing, just amazing and I'm feeling stupid for ever doubting you were nothing but simply amazing. Now I'm trying to think of how to get my own cake without getting married again? Hmmmmmmmmm