Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't know why I'm posting this.

actually, yeah, it's for Melissa & my parents who requested it.

It was fun though, but I don't really see myself with a future in television. I felt like Ricky Bobby from Talledega Nights the whole time. Bless Will Ferrell's heart, I love him.


Kierstin said...

That's awesome! Was it fun or nerve racking? You looked BEAUTIFUL by the way... as usual. duh. Tell Matt to just call me when he gets a minute to talk about the cleaning.

Lisa said...

I can hardly type because of the hysterical tears of laughter over watching Ricky Bobby - and NO, you didn't do a Ricky Bobby. You were awesome! You looked gorgeous and everything you said was so great! (Good Things Utah asked me to do a segment on the color wheel and how it relates to a wardrobe, but besides the fact that I have a pathetic wardrobe, I was a total chicken and said no... so I'm proud of you!)

Melissa said...

LOL that Ricky Bobby video was so awesome. On google reader that was the only video that came up so for a bit there I was like soooooooooo where's her thing?
Anyway, thanks Celeste.
That was great. At least you knew where to keep your hands!!
You both did a great job.
I hope your mate gets a few good refferals from her TV moment.

the Lola Letters said...

Yaaaaay Celeste! This was awesome!!! You were so not a Ricky Bobby, but that clip pretty much made my day!

Some observations:
1. You are beautiful (like, really, really, ridiculously good looking)
2. It was fun to watch because you are so. bloody. genuine. and. real.
3. Those were really great tips.
4. I wish they would have shown that Jessica took of you. Those are amazing.
5. Yaaay!